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I'm also RickScott on WikiVoyage. =)
I'm not contributing here any more -- I've moved to [ WikiVoyage], where I'm [ also RickScott].  You should come too!  It's much better.
==Terribly Outdated Bio==
Rick grew up in a remote place with beautiful wilderness but many strange customs -- namely, [[Northern Ontario]], [[Canada]].  Specifically, he spent the majority of his youth in [[Sault Ste Marie (Ontario)|Sault Ste Marie]], to which he has now inexplicably returned.  In the interim, he's lived in places as varied as [[Kitchener]]-[[Waterloo (Ontario)|Waterloo]], [[Victoria (British Columbia)|Victoria]], [[Woodstock (Ontario)|Woodstock]], and [[Maebashi]], [[Gunma]]-ken, [[Japan]].
He subscribes to the [ hacker ethic]; as such, he's interested in information sharing, cooperative creativity, and open source and free software.  Other interests include paintball, hiking, cycling, geocaching, philosophy, cooking, role-playing games, and martial arts, to name a few.
Pages I'm planning to contribute to (hopefully, eventually...):
* [[Victoria (British Columbia)]]
* [[Ontario (province)]]
** [[Sault Ste Marie (Ontario)]]
** [[Elliot Lake]]
** [[Sudbury (Ontario)]]
** [[Kitchener]]
** [[Waterloo (Ontario)]]
* [[Michigan]]
** [[Sault Ste Marie (Michigan)]]
** [[Mackinac Island]]
* [[Japan]]
** [[Tokyo]]
** [[Gunma]]
*** [[Maebashi]]
*** [[Takasaki]]
[[User:RickScott|RickScott]] 01:17, 1 June 2012 (EDT)
===Disjoint, Incoherent Notes===
* Vic: Laurel point, JJ Morgan's, Moxies, University Club
* Food: Where to get it when you're cooking it yourself
* mosquitoes
* hospitals / emerg

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I'm not contributing here any more -- I've moved to WikiVoyage, where I'm also RickScott. You should come too! It's much better.