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* Write about the Indian Rupee in the buy section of India.
* [[Hyderabad]]
* [[Hyderabad]]
* [[Kerala]] districts and cities
* [[Kerala]] districts and cities

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Work is interfering with my editing. May be slow in checking my watchlist or replying to messages.

About me

I stay in Hyderabad, India. I moved here in May 2007. Before that, I used to stay in Thane and work in Mumbai. I have been a Mumbaikar all my life, but I am enjoying the experience.

I work with a subsidiary of Bank of America called BA Continuum solutions, developing technology for the bank. It is a fun job, but I also want to travel.

I became a dad in September 2008. My son keeps me busy at home, but the smile he gives me when I reach home from work makes up for all the sleepless nights.

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You can reach me through my talk page or via email

Patel shot of me with the Langkawi skybridge in the background.

Travel log


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On Wikitravel

Currently, I am focused on improving India articles. I will be working on three things:

  • Geographical hierarchy down to the district level. Every district, state and intermediate sub-division should have an article that is at least an outline.
  • Regional maps up to the state level.
  • There are many articles that would be guides or stars, or at least usable, if only they were copyedited and listingified. I will work on one or two at a time and bring them up to scratch.

Other than that, I patrol Watchlist and Recent changes, revert vandalism and make drive-by copyedits and other improvements. Occasionally, I participate in policy discussions, but I am not currently developing or enhancing any policy.

I am currently Docent for Mumbai, Thane, Hyderabad and India, and well... Clark. Contact me if you need help (See above for details.) I'll know something about other Indian destinations too.

I am an administrator, which means that I have a few extra buttons, though I haven't been deleting as much as I should be.

Current Todos:



  • None


I get plagiarized!