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Found this site looking for travel information and it seems like a great place to contribute to. Hopefully, I can help contribute some good information as I plan trips. I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico but that article is already very good.

Planned Trips


  • May 08 - San Diego, California - I want to take my son to see Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Naval bases, and other stuff I am sure.
  • July 08 - London - Honeymoon at some point after my fiance and I get married....
  • ? - Boston & New York - Want to get a week long trip to Boston & New York, but it looks like this has likely been bumped (perhaps a year?) since we will be doing the honeymoon.


Previous Trips



  • November 21 - 25 - Long drive to Idaho Falls for a family Thanksgiving. Started an article for it, but stayed with and spent most of my time with family so I don't have a lot to contribute.
  • November 12 -14 - Another trip to Virginia for work.
  • October 26 - 28 - Alamogordo, New Mexico, I took my son to see the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenger and Holloman Airforce Base Air Show. The airshow was amazing and the CV-22 is an impressive machine.
  • September 23 - 26 - Leesburg , Virginia, Business trip working with the FAA.
  • September 13 - 17 - New York, NY, first time in New York, wow...
  • August 24 - 26 - Elephant Butte , New Mexico, camping trip with a bunch of friends.
  • May 7 - 11 - Washington DC, business trip to be a vendor at the Government Security Conference. Ran around all evening seeing all the sights sometimes two or three times. First time on the east coast and it was quite different than I imagined (it was green?, thought the entire east coast was concrete...). Got to ride the metro and walked more in a week than I usually do in a month.