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Mary Gardiner is a Australian living in Sydney. Her homepage is at


Current todo list:

Weird edits

I show up as editing all kinds of things. My secret? Visiting Special:Randompage over and over again until I find pages that need template changes or stub messages. (Occasionally I do POV edits too, but only if the article is short.) This also turns up the odd semi-orphaned travel topic (ie travel topics linked from somewhere really unlikely). I add these to Travel topics so that it's easier for editors to find something to work on.

Oh, one last thing I tend to do is remove the word touristic from pages with extreme prejudice. Sorry about that :( I'm yet to find a native English speaker who uses the word: it seems to arise from speakers of Romance languages translating from the cognates touristique or touristica etc. 干燥设备 列表 干燥设备 干燥机 六合彩 六合彩 香港六合彩 涂料 绿色涂料 灯具 成人用品 成人用品 塑料机械 减速机 挖掘机 移民 弹簧