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Her homepage is at [].
Her homepage is at [].
==Proposal for refactoring Sydney==
'''Note, still a draft, will post to [[Talk:Sydney]] when done'''
Ok, if districts are really meant to be neighbourhoods rather than suburbs or collections of suburbs, maybe we should think about re-doing Sydney as a region. Note that this proposal means a heap of work even to put stubs in for all the pages, but it means we can focus on the major ones for tourists like [[Sydney (city)]] and the beach areas
Initial proposal based on local government boundaries (I used [ this map of Outer Sydney] for every region except Inner Sydney, [ this map of Inner Sydney], and  [ this City of Sydney map] for the [[Sydney (city)]] districts:
*[[Sydney]] or possibly [[Sydney (metropolitan)]] or [[Sydney (region)]]: a '''region''' page for the '''Sydney metropolitan area''' extending from the Royal National Park in the south, to the foot of the mountains in the west to Berowra in the north. People would also link to this page when they talk about "Sydney the captial city of New South Wales" or whatever. I slightly prefer just plain [[Sydney]] for this, because that's what most people call it, the use of "Sydney" to refer '''just''' to Inner Sydney or the munipality is rather specialised and travellers won't use it.
**[[Inner Sydney]] or [[Inner (Sydney)]] or [[Center (Sydney)]]: a '''region''' page for the areas of Sydney nearest to the center. Note especially that '''Sydney Harbour''' and the '''Sydney Harbour Bridge''' are really features that belong to this region rather than to any of the cities within it. The region would link to the following '''city''' pages (small/big/huge depends):
***[[Sydney (city)]], a '''city''' page referring to the City of Sydney [] municipality with the following '''districts ''' assuming we have the data:
****[[Sydney (city)/CBD]]: Central business '''district''', skyscraper-ville, extending east into the botanical gardens and the Domain -- this is the suburb that is ''also'' called "Sydney"
****[[Sydney (city)/Circular Quay]]: south of the harbour '''district''' including the Opera House
****[[Sydney (city)/The Rocks]]: historical '''district'''
****[[Sydney (city)/West]]: a '''district''' just rolled into the local area, covering Glebe, Forest Lodge, Chippendale -- anyone got a better name for this?
****[[Sydney (city)/Haymarket]]: the Chinatown '''district'''
****[[Sydney (city)/Darling Harbour]]: '''district''' covering Darling Harbour/Pyrmont
****[[Sydney (city)/Ultimo]]: '''district''' covering the Ultimo/Chippendale area
****[[Sydney (city)/Darlinghurst]]: '''district''' covering Darlinghurst
****[[Sydney (city)/Woolloomooloo]]: '''district''' covering Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay
***[[North Sydney]] '''city''' page referring to the area covered by the North Sydney council [] -- ''not'' [[North (Sydney)]] by the way, the name of the city really is [[North Sydney]]
***[[Mosman]] '''city''' page
***[[Manly]] '''city''' page
***[[Willoughby]] '''city''' page: it's unfortunately they use that name, this area is far better known as the '''Lower North Shore'''
***[[Lane Cove]] '''city''' page
***[[Woollahra]] '''city''' page
***[[Waverly]] '''city''' page
****[[Waverly/Bondi]] '''district''' page almost for sure
***[[Randwick]] '''city''' page
***[[Botany Bay]] '''city''' page
***[[Leichhardt]] '''city''' page
****[[Leichhardt/Balmain]] '''district''' page if we can get the info
***[[Marrackville]] '''city''' page
****[[Marrackville/Newtown]] '''district''' page if we can get the info
***[[Ashfield]] '''city''' page
***[[Canada Bay]] '''city''' page
***[[Burwood]] '''city''' page
***[[Strathfield]] '''city''' page
***[[Canterbury]] '''city''' page: this probably needs a disambig as [[Canterbury (Sydney)]]
***[[Rockdale]] '''city''' page
***[[Hurstville]] '''city''' page
***[[Kogarah]] '''city''' page
**[[Southern Sydney]] or [[South (Sydney)]] '''region''' page
***[[Sutherland]] '''city''' page
***[[Cambelltown]] '''city''' page
***[[Camden]] '''city''' page
**[[Western Sydney]] or [[West (Sydney)]] '''region''' page:
***[[Bankstown]] '''city''' page
***[[Liverpool]] '''city''' page, needs a disambig as [[Liverpool (Sydney)]]
***[[Auburn]] '''city''' page
***[[Parramatta]] '''city''' page
***[[Holroyd]] '''city''' page
***[[Fairfield]] '''city''' page
***[[Penrith]] '''city''' page
***[[Blacktown]] '''city''' page
**[[Northern Sydney]] or [[North (Sydney)]] '''region''' page:
***[[Ryde]] '''city''' page
***[[Ku-ring-gai]] '''city''' page (more usually known as the '''Upper North Shore''')
***[[Warringah]] '''city''' page
***[[Pittwater]] '''city''' page (often known as with east Warringah as the '''Northern Beaches''')
****[[Pittwater/Palm Beach]] '''district''' page at some point
***[[Hornsby]] '''city''' page
***[[Baulkham Hills]] '''city''' page

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Mary Gardiner is a Australian from Sydney who is about to embark on a round-the-world trip including San Francisco, Boston, New York, Washington, London, Palma de Mallorca, Prague and Bangkok. She grew up in Central West (New South Wales).

Her homepage is at