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Mary Gardiner is a Australian living in [[Sydney]].
Formerly User:Hypatia. Now inactive on Wikitravel.
Her homepage is at [].
== Proof of ownership ==
Current todo list:
I am the same person as on English Wikipedia. [[User:Puzzlement|Puzzlement]] 00:39, 18 November 2012 (EST)
* [[Central West (New South Wales)]] -- [[Bathurst (New South Wales)|Bathurst]] in particular
* [[Blue Mountains]]
* [[Sydney]] -- [[Sydney/City]] and [[Sydney/Eastern Suburbs]]
* [[Gosford]]
* [[Jervis Bay]]
==Weird edits==
I show up as editing all kinds of things. My secret? Visiting [[Special:Randompage]] over and over again until I find pages that need template changes or stub messages. (Occasionally I do POV edits too, but only if the article is short.) This also turns up the odd semi-orphaned travel topic (ie travel topics linked from somewhere really unlikely). I add these to [[Travel topics]] so that it's easier for editors to find something to work on.
Oh, one last thing I tend to do is remove the word ''touristic'' from pages with extreme prejudice. Sorry about that :( I'm yet to find a native English speaker who uses the word: it seems to arise from speakers of Romance languages translating from the cognates ''touristique'' or ''touristica'' etc.
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Formerly User:Hypatia. Now inactive on Wikitravel.

Proof of ownership[edit]

I am the same person as on English Wikipedia. Puzzlement 00:39, 18 November 2012 (EST)