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Paul James Cowie
Captured pre-dig, Albright Institute,
Jerusalem, July 2002

Paul James Cowie (known alternatively as "Paul" or "James" - depends on whom you speak to!) was born in Manly, a suburb of Sydney, Australia in 1968.

I moved to London in January 1998, where I remain indefinitely, working and completing my studies, in addition to travelling extensively throughout the world.

An archaeologist by training and profession, I am currently engaged in the heady task of completing my doctoral dissertation on the relationship between Egypt and Syria-Palestine in the Late Bronze Age. I have excavated extensively in Egypt, Jordan and Israel and had several forays into the Gaza Strip.

I am the editor of a well-visited web portal dedicated to the Ancient Near East and Egypt - for those interested in the ancient history and culture of the Middle East and the Nile Valley, it can be found at: . The Ancient Near East and Egypt page on that domain has a bit more about me, including several more images and a link to my CV (incomplete) if anyone's interested.....

Countries he has visited (and sometimes worked in) in the last decade (not an exhaustive list!): Australia (of course), Austria, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, New Zealand, Turkey, United States.

Heading to southern Cyprus in late August 2004 for a week's beaching and visiting archaeological sites..... Any hints / tips / suggestions?