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[[image:jerusalem_july2002.jpg|frame|Paul James Cowie, Captured pre-dig, Albright Institute, Jerusalem, July 2002]]
I just died in the explosin.
'''Paul James Cowie''', born in [[Sydney/Manly|Manly]], a suburb of [[Sydney]], [[Australia]] in May 1968.
I moved to [[London]] in January 1998, where I reside indefinitely, working and completing my studies, in addition to travelling extensively throughout the world.
An archaeologist by training and profession, I am currently engaged in the heady task of completing my doctoral dissertation on the relationship between Egypt and Syria-Palestine in the Late Bronze Age. I have excavated extensively in [[Egypt]], [[Jordan]] and [[Israel]] and had several forays into the [[Gaza Strip]] and the [[West Bank]].
I am the editor of a well-visited web portal dedicated to the [ Ancient Near East and Egypt] - for those interested in the ancient history and culture of the Middle East and the Nile Valley, it can be found at: . The [ Ancient Near East and Egypt] page on that domain has a bit more about me, including several more images and a link to my CV (incomplete) if anyone's interested.....
Countries I have visited (and sometimes lived and worked in) during the last decade (not an exhaustive list!): [[Australia]] (of course), [[Austria]], [[Cyprus]], [[Egypt]], [[France]], [[Germany]], [[Greece]], [[Israel]], [[Italy]], [[Jordan]], [[New Zealand]], [[Poland]], [[Turkey]], and the [[United States]].
'''Most Recent Overseas Travel''':
*late October 2004 - [[Krakow]] in southern [[Poland]] for a city break, fulfilled a long-term ambition to visit the site of [[Auschwitz]]
*early December 2004 - city break in [[Paris]], [[France]]
*Easter 2005 - visit home to [[Sydney]], [[Australia]] - family, friends and university....
'''Future Travel Plans'''
*spending a week in [[New York (city)|New York]], 29 May - 3 June, after a 6 year absence (!) - birthday celebrations and living it large..... There'll be a few museum visits as well....
*renewal of excavation at Tel Rehov (just south of [[Beth Shean]]) in [[Israel]], late June - August 2005
*projected trip through northern [[France]] with my parents in fall 2005, after their trip to [[Italy]]

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I just died in the explosin.