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Contact me by leaving me a message on my talk page (preferred), or via email. Please email only when necessity dictates that a talk page message is inappropriate (I may not respond otherwise).




Travels throughout the U.S. (38 states so far)

The biggest single article project by far that I've worked on (with Marc) was getting one of my favorite cities, Chicago, districted, completely mapped, and then up to star status, which wound up becoming the template for how we do huge city guides. I followed suit with my hometown of Washington, D.C., and you'll find that the majority of the content there is marred by my writing my handiwork. I'm not quite done with huge city guides, and have been hard at work lately on bringing another couple of favorite cities, New Orleans and Baltimore, up to star status as well. Another long term project will be to district and then raise another favorite home, Saint Petersburg, to star status (or at least star-quality) on both the English and Russian-language Wikitravels. That will be a bit harder than work on closer-by American cities, but the online research tools (largely for determining what businesses have closed) are becoming more widely available for Russia. If you'd like to sample my work a bit, some of my more readable work includes most all of what you'll find at Loop Art Tour, Chicago/Bronzeville, Baltimore/Fells Point, Washington, D.C./Georgetown, among many others. For TV fans, check out The Wire Tour, a 3.5 hour driving tour of 54 prominent filming locations from the HBO TV series, The Wire.

The first big task I took on when I started was to create a regions structure for Russia, and to make sure every one of its 105 region articles had meaningful content. In general, bolstering travel knowledge of Russia is a main goal for me, and is no small part of the reason why I started the Russian version of Wikitravel, in the hopes that we can tap the knowledge of Russian speakers about their own hometowns and regions, and create new travel content that has never before been available. So far we've only had one full article translation from Russian to English, but it's a good one, with content on a level that has not ever been available to English speakers. I'm planning on a large scale translation of the Saint Petersburg article in the future, after it gets to a more complete state.

One very much unfinished, task I'm interested in is to create region maps for every last region article on Wikitravel, and I founded the Wikitravel:Regions Map Expedition for this purpose. Even collaboratively this task may be impossible. But, having now conquered all the world's countries and all U.S. states, we're certainly moving in the right direction! A big piece of this puzzle isn't about making maps, but rather about content organization—dividing geographical units, which needs to be done before a map can be drawn up, and is always challenging.

Other than these grandiose projects, really my favorite activity here is to help and encourage newer users, since ultimately they are the ones who will help the project grow!


Wikitravel:Regions map Expedition | Wikitravel:Country surgeon Expedition | Special:Allpages/User:Peterfitzgerald | ru:Википроект:Картография-Русская локализация


I have now found myself in 26 countries across the world's five most populous continents. The last big adventure was through Ghana, Togo, and Sierra Leone. The next travel plan is more or less totally up in the air, and I'm of a mind to make it year-long. But in the short-term, it's really high time to spend some quality time with bison in South Dakota and polar bears in Churchill.

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