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Padraic is an undergraduate at [[wikipedia:Carleton University|Carleton University]] in [[Ottawa]], [[Canada]]. He is very interested in backpacking and [[Tips for cycle trips|cycle touring]]. He also [[wikipedia:User:Padraic|contributes]] to Wikipedia.
Padraic lives in [[Toronto]]. He edits WMF projects under the same name:
So far, his travel experience includes:
*[[Canada]]: [[Toronto]], [[Vancouver]], [[Montreal]], [[Quebec (city)]], [[Tofino]], [[Victoria]], [[Banff]], [[Jasper]], [[Edmonton]], [[Calgary]], [[Thunder Bay]], [[Pembroke (Ontario)]]
*[[United States]]: [[Lake Placid]], [[New York (city)]], [[Miami]]
*[[Venezuela]]: [[Caracas]], [[Peurto Colombia]], [[Merida]], [[Los Nevados]], [[San Cristobal]]
*[[Colombia]]: [[Bogota]], [[Cartagena]], [[Santa Marta]]
*[[England]]: [[London]], [[Oxford]], [[Cambridge (England)|Cambridge]]
*[[Scotland]]: [[Edinburgh]]
*[[Northern Ireland]]: [[Belfast]]
*[[Republic of Ireland]]: [[Dublin]]
*[[Italy]]: [[Rome]], [[Ancona]]
*[[Croatia]]: [[Split]], [[Dubrovnik]]
*[[Bosnia and Herzegovina]]: [[Sarajevo]]
*[[Hungary]]: [[Budapest]]
*[[Austria]]: [[Vienna]]
*[[Slovakia]]: [[Bratislava]]
Articles started:
*[[Pembroke (Ontario)]]
Significant contributions:
*[[Tips for cycle trips]]
Future articles:
*[[Ontario provincial parks]]
Articles to work on:
*[[Algonquin Provincial Park]]

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Padraic lives in Toronto. He edits WMF projects under the same name: