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Hi, I'm David. I discovered WikiTravel in late May 2006.
'''1-(800)-697-8779'' or'' user.[email protected]'''
I work mainly on the [[New England (United States of America)|New England]] region... but find myself easily distracted to far off locales.
Many of my vacations have been spent cruising, usually to the [[Caribbean]]. I've also been to [[California]], [[Florida]], [[Alaska]] and [[Hawaii]]. I think my favorite vacation was to [[San Francisco]], [[Napa Valley]], [[Yosemite]] and [[Monterey (California)|Monterey]]/[[Carmel (California)|Carmel]] over a couple weeks. I'd go back to any of those 4 locations again. But then the [[Grand Canyon]] beckons. . .
I am a docent for [[Massachusetts]]. '''Please contact me by email with any questions''' by using the "E-mail this user" link to the left in the toolbox. '''Include "Wikitravel" in the subject line.
==A philosophy==
*Traveling is about the journey, not just the destinations. Each little place has a secret.

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Dumbass! 1-(800)-697-8779 or [email protected]