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About Me

I'm a UNIX geek from Germany. I am originally from Hamburg and now live in Frankfurt. For more information, you can consult my homepage.


Expect most of my work to reflect Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Germany in General, but I'll of course pipe in for any destination I have visited (see below). Finally, I have been taking photos with a digicam for a year or so and I'll happily contribute some of those. A travelguide needs pictures!!



I haven't even visited half of the places I would like to travel to. I've been to France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Austria, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium and of course various places in Germany.

Technically I've also been to Canada and Iceland but I saw very, very little of each (the airport and maybe some surrounding parts) so you can't really count them.


Explore Europe. Visit Tokyo and other parts of Japan and Asia - like India, Bali, Australia, China, Thailand. Africa is also definitely on my list, with Egypt being a must-see, but also such places as West Africa or Madagascar. Mauritius is also intruiging. Finally, Central and South America with Peru, Brazil, Mexico and other interesting destinations. I'd even like to return to the United States once they've sorted out their current problems.

Ah, yes, I'd like to see the whole world :-)


My special interests - when I am visiting some place, that is - are general sight-seeing, museums, architecture, the crumbling leftovers of the past and some things that are just plain geeky.


You can send me a message via my homepage. Leave your email address or instant messenger id and I'll get in touch.