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==About Me==
On a break.
I'm a UNIX geek from [[Germany]]. I am originally from [[Hamburg]] and now live in [[Frankfurt]]. For more information, you can consult my [ homepage].
Expect most of my work to reflect Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Germany in General, but I'll of course pipe in for any destination I have visited (see below). Finally, I have been taking photos with a digicam for a year or so and I'll happily contribute some of those. A travelguide needs pictures!!
[[User:Nils/Sandbox|My Sandbox]]
I haven't even visited half of the places I would like to travel to. I've been to [[France]], [[Denmark]], [[United Kingdom]], [[Austria]], the [[United States]], [[Japan]], the [[Netherlands]], [[Belgium]] and of course various places in [[Germany]].
Technically I've also been to [[Canada]] and [[Iceland]] but I saw very, very little of each (the airport and maybe some surrounding parts) so you can't really count them.
Explore [[Europe]]. Visit [[Tokyo]] and other parts of [[Japan]] and [[Asia]] - like [[India]], [[Bali]], [[Australia]], [[China]], [[Thailand]]. [[Africa]] is also definitely on my list, with [[Egypt]] being a must-see, but also such places as West Africa or [[Madagascar]]. [[Mauritius]] is also intruiging. Finally, [[Central America|Central]] and [[South America]] with [[Peru]], [[Brazil]], [[Mexico]] and other interesting destinations. I'd even like to return to the [[United States]] once they've sorted out their current problems.
Ah, yes, I'd like to see the whole world :-)
===Current Travel Plans===
*March 19th to March 21st: Hamburg
*Week of 22nd March: Munich, 2 days
*Probably week of 29th March: Paris, a few days
My special interests - when I am visiting some place, that is - are general sight-seeing, museums, architecture, the crumbling leftovers of the past and some things that are just plain geeky.
You can [ send me a message] via my homepage. Leave your email address or instant messenger id and I'll get in touch.

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