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Mogok is a town known as the Ruby Land located in Pyin Oo Lwin District of Mandalay Region of Myanmar. The town was founded about 800 years ago. It is nestled in beautiful mountain valleys and almost every mountain is tapped with pagodas. The world’s highest grade gems like rubies and blue sapphires are mined. There are also other precious stones such as moonstones, garnet, spinel, peridot and chrysoberyl. It is said that gems could be discovered if someone merely pulls of the tur of the grass in ancient times. Some say it looks like an oven and surrounded by green and lush mountains. Because of its high altitude, Mogok has a cool temperate climate all year around opposite to the hot weather of Mandalay. Most of the residents are Shan, Palaung and Lisu. They do gems mining and selling for their main career while others are working on firms. There is a Mogok Lake in the center of the town. There are many famous attractions to visit in Mogok; Chan Thar Gyi and Ruby pagados where people can see the whole town from there, Kyauk Pya Thet where a super-friendly monk resides, Daw Nan Kyi mountain with an interesting legend behind it, Mogok Sayadaw Meditation cave. King Chaung waterfall with an amusement park below, popular hot spring for the relaxation and breathtaking sunset from Kyee Nyi Taung. There is a view point to enjoy a panoramic view of Mogok and can get a knowledge of Hta Pwe or Gems market where people buy and sell the stones. There are also local gems polishing workshop and local night market. The Shan traditional food is a must to try with other mouthwatering food. Foreigners are banned to visit this town. They can only visit with guided tour by getting the permission from the government or authority.

Daw Nan Kyi Taung