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[[Image:Wikitravel logo Owl.png|right|180px|Even though it didn't make it past the first round, I really like this logo candidate.]]
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[[Image:Wikilang Sphere 009 ball transparency.png|right|180px|I also really like the original Wikitravel logo. Alas, it won't be kept.]]
[[Image:Wikilang Sphere 009 ball transparency.png|right|180px|I also really like the original Wikitravel logo. Alas, it won't be kept.]]

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Even though it didn't make it past the first round, I really like this logo candidate.
I also really like the original Wikitravel logo. Alas, it won't be kept.

Hi, I'm Minh Nguyễn, a Vietnamese-American undergraduate student at Stanford University from Loveland, Ohio (near Cincinnati). [1] You can find out more about me at my weblog. I'm a sysop for:

I'm also a contributor to the English Wikipedia and to the Wiktionary, where I add Vietnamese and Spanish translations wherever I can.

See the external links section for more information.

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