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'''[[Wikitravel:7 June 2004|7 June 2004]]:''' The [[:fr:Accueil|French Wikitravel]] has reached '''300''' articles. The 300th article is [[:fr:Grenoble|Grenoble]], a city in south-east of France.
'''[[Wikitravel:7 June 2004|7 June 2004]]:''' The [[:fr:Accueil|French Wikitravel]] has reached '''300''' articles. The 300th article is [[:fr:Grenoble|Grenoble]], a city in south-east of France.
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[[Wikitravel:Logbook|Previous entries]]
[[Wikitravel:Logbook|Previous entries]]
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7 June 2004: The French Wikitravel has reached 300 articles. The 300th article is Grenoble, a city in south-east of France.

4 June 2004: Most of the commonly used utilities are translated to French; several remain. The district template is partly translated; this should help the creator of arrondissement articles. We successfully resolved a conflict with someone who kept adding a forum link to Hungary.

May 4, 2004: Wikitravel was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Digital Communities division of the Prix Ars Electronica. Congratulations to all Wikitravellers!

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