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[[UK]], [[Netherlands]], [[Austria]], [[Switzerland]], [[Belgium]], [[Germany]], [[France]], [[Spain]], [[Turkey]]
[[UK]], [[Netherlands]], [[Austria]], [[Switzerland]], [[Belgium]], [[Germany]], [[France]], [[Spain]], [[Turkey]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Denmark]], [[Sweden]]
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*[[Moscow]] ([[Russia]]): B52, Propaganda, The Three Monkeys (LGBT)
*[[Moscow]] ([[Russia]]): B52, Propaganda, The Three Monkeys (LGBT)
*[[London]] ([[UK]]): Ruby Blue, Ghetto (LGBT)
*[[London]] ([[UK]]): Ruby Blue, Ghetto (LGBT)
*[[Copenhagen]] ([[Denmark]]): Wallstreet, LA-bar
*[[Göteborg]] ([[Sweden]]): Babar, Klubb Svanen, O'Leary's
== What's next? ==
== What's next? ==

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Everybody listen all over the world!

Mark is a 22 yo political science and law student at respectivily the Radboud University and Vrije Universiteit. He's interested in communist states and rough regimes around the world.



UK, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden

South America



China, North Korea, Russia


Egypt, Israel, Palestine

Going out

Mark recommends the following clubs:

What's next?

Iran, Italy, Greece, Belarus, Iraq

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