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I'm Mark Jaroski, a software developer living in Lausanne, Switzerland, and working (as a sysadmin) at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

I was born in Carbondale, Illinois in 1968 and lived there or nearby for my first 24 years. Since then I've lived in Chicago and San Francisco and for a short 3 months in Amsterdam.




WWW::Mediawiki::Client is a perl library which provides a client API for the Mediawiki software. It comes with a script called mvs which allows one to edit a Mediawiki site using a normal text editor and commit changes and get updates from the command line, very much like cvs.


I've visited a number of places (other than the places where I've actually lived), and may or may not have something interesting to contribute about them. If you've got a trip to one of these planned, bug me and I'll put some time into the article.