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I'm Mark Jaroski, a software developer living in [[Lausanne]], [[Switzerland]], and working (as a sysadmin) at the [http://www.who.int World Health Organization] in [[Geneva]].
I was born in [[Carbondale]], [[Illinois]] in 1968 and lived there or nearby for my first 24 years.  Since then I've lived in [[Chicago]], [[San Francisco]], [[Geneva]] and [[Lausanne]] and for a short 3 months in [[Amsterdam]].
==About Me==
{{userpage|hometown=[[Carbondale]]|residence=[[Lausanne]]|otherhomes=[[Chicago]], [[San Francisco]], [[Geneva]], [[Paris]]|havevisited=[[New Orleans]], [[London]], [[Amsterdam]], [[Copenhagen]], [[Venice]], [[Zurich]], [[Berne]]|wishlist=[[Bangkok]], [[Malaysia]], [[Croatia]]}}
I'm on the Docent list for all of the places I've lived above.  Drop me a line here or by email if you need more info than is available in the article for the destination you are visiting.
[[Image:paris_4th.png|thumb|350px|Map of the 4th Arrondissement of Paris]]
I've been making maps for Wikitravel for about 6 months, and have been trying to work out a consistant graphics style for Wikitravel destination maps which should be easy for others to use if they wish to.  I started with Paris in part at least because I was there when I first started the map-making project.  You can see a full list of maps and some of the reasoning on my [[User:Mark/Maps|Map page]].
[[User:Mark/WWW-Mediawiki-Client]] is a perl library which provides a client API for the Mediawiki software.  It comes with a script called '''mvs''' which allows one to edit a Mediawiki site using a normal text editor and commit changes and get updates from the command line, very much like '''cvs'''.
I've visited a number of places (other than the places where I've actually lived), and may or may not have something interesting to contribute about them.  If you've got a trip to one of these planned, bug me and I'll put some time into the article.
***[[Chateau d'Oex]]
*[[North America]]
***[[Grand Canyon]]
***[[Napa Valley]]
***[[Santa Rosa]]
***[[Berkeley (California)|Berkeley]]
***[[Springfield (Illinois)]]
***[[New Orleans]]
***[[St. Louis]]
***[[Springfield (Missouri)]]
***[[Smoky Mountains]]
***[[San Antonio]]
***[[Palo Duro Canyon]]
***[[El Paso]]
**[[New Mexico]]
***[[Santa Fee]]
**[[Washington (state)]]
**[[West Virginia]]
**[[New Jersey]]
**[[New York (state)]]
***[[New York (city)]]
***[[White Plains (New York)|White Plains]]

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