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Koe Htat Kyi Pagoda

While Shwedagon Pagoda is world-renowned for its significant statue in Burmese society and considered as one of the three most sacred pagodas in Myanmar, the bright and cheerful Koe Htat Kyi is another impressive Buddhist sites that worth visit in Yangon.The Koe Htat Kti or the nine storet pagoda is situated on the Bargayar Road, Sangyoung Township,Yangon. It is an another enormous Buddha Image in Yangon. A huge Buddha Image is in a sitting position. The height of the pagoda is 72 feet from foot to the head. There are many Buddha Images at each corner. Koe Htat Kyi is also known as Atula Dipatti Maha Muni Thetkya Image. The giant sitting Buddha image was built in August 1905. It was built in the 14 acres compound of Bargayar Monastery. At the entrance of the hallway, there is a statue of a frog and a snake on each side of the entrance to the prayer hall. There was a legend saying the giant frog ate the snake showing victory. In the pagoda, there are statues describing the lives of Buddha and many mythical creatures. Although this site is an attractive place for both locals and international tourists, few have in-depth knowledge of this hidden gem of Myanmar’s largest city and former capital. Around the pagoda, there are many monasteries and also small shops selling Buddha images made of wood and bronze, beads, books, flowers, candles and other offertories. There are also some palmist and astrologer. During the Myanmar’s new year, there is a small pagoda which is covered with full of flowers and many people visiting to the pagoda to make charity, offering flowers and candles and watering the small Buddha images with Thanakha. You can also do a volunteer to make Thanakha and to assist the old people and children.

                                       Koe Htat Kyi