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[[File:Taung-kwe-paya-.jpg|thumb|rigth|Taung Kwe Zayde]]
'''Taung Kwe Zayde''' is one of the most famous interesting sites in Kayah State and the most venerated pagoda in the region, dramatically situated on the craggy limestone locating on Mingalar Thiri Mountain sure that it is a must to visit when you are in Loikaw. Morning or twilight is the best time to visit the temple when the breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset appear over the region. There are too many complex small white and gold stupas that definitely  gives an amazing combination of nature’s creation and man-made masterpiece to all visitors. The pagoda is built on a steep outcropping and provides superb views of the low-lying town of Loikaw and the surrounding countryside. It is well worth a visit. Rocketing from the landscape is this explosion of craggy limestone and white-and-gold stupas. Visiting the pagoda and enjoying the sunset or panoramic view of Loikaw from the top of the Taungwe Taung Zedi hill will bring you such an unforgettable experience. The mountaintop Buddhist temple compound is Kayah State's most famous sight, and the loi kaw are allegedly the origin of the town's name. At the tp of the mountain, the wacky Buddhist Disneyland vibe is fun, and the views of the town and countryside really are breathtaking. Besides, there are also eight small stupas on the cleft mountain. Be sure to observe the kingdom of pagodas resting on each peak of the hills. Visitors will love the sunset from the hill, as the view of Loikaw is undisturbed and away from the bustling city. At night, the temple glows in stunning yellow hue as locals light up candles and light bulbs around it. It's very good to visit that we can see the whole view of Loikaw, feeling fresh air .Then, you will know how peaceful this corner of the world is.  Rock formations connected by bridges with great views of Loi Kaw. Incredibly fun to climb up the steps in different directions to various parts of the limestone peaks on which the temple has been constructed. Fantastic views of the town and surrounding  countryside.

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