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*[[Austria]]  [[Image:au-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:au-flag.png|20px]] [[Austria]]   
*[[Belgium]]  [[Image:be-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:be-flag.png|20px]] [[Belgium]]   
*[[Czech Republic]]  [[Image:ez-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:ez-flag.png|20px]] [[Czech Republic]]   
*[[Denmark]]  [[Image:Da-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:Da-flag.png|20px]] [[Denmark]]   
*[[Finland]]  [[Image:fi-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:fi-flag.png|20px]] [[Finland]]   
*[[France]]  [[Image:fr-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:fr-flag.png|20px]] [[France]]   
*[[Germany]]  [[Image:gm-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:gm-flag.png|20px]] [[Germany]]   
*[[Hungary]]  [[Image:hu-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:hu-flag.png|20px]] [[Hungary]]   
*[[Ireland]]  [[Image:ei-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:ei-flag.png|20px]] [[Ireland]]   
*[[Italy]]  [[Image:it-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:it-flag.png|20px]] [[Italy]]   
*[[Netherlands]]  [[Image:nl-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:nl-flag.png|20px]] [[Netherlands]]   
*[[Norway]]  [[Image:no-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:no-flag.png|20px]] [[Norway]]   
*[[Slovakia]]  [[Image:lo-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:lo-flag.png|20px]] [[Slovakia]]   
*[[Spain]]  [[Image:sp-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:sp-flag.png|20px]] [[Spain]]   
*[[Sweden]]  [[Image:Sw-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:Sw-flag.png|20px]] [[Sweden]]   
*[[Switzerland]]  [[Image:sz-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:sz-flag.png|20px]] [[Switzerland]]   
*[[United Kingdom]]  [[Image:uk-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:uk-flag.png|20px]] [[United Kingdom]]   
*[[Vatican City]]  [[Image:vt-flag.png|20px]]
*[[Image:vt-flag.png|20px]] [[Vatican City]] 

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