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Sorry, I'm new at wikitravel and not sure how to send notes to other users.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to type on the top of here like this.  ANyways, I didn't mean to delete mentioning of youth hostels.  I just didn't know how it fits into a discussion of guesthouses since guesthouses and youth hostels are very different things. I'm glad you restored it though. --[[User:UCLARodent|UCLARodent]] 04:59, 16 June 2009 (EDT)
[[Image:Changdeokgung_Bedchamber_Detail.JPG|thumb|240px|Great makings, Changdeokgung Palace, [[Seoul]], [[South Korea]]]]
[[Image:Changdeokgung_Bedchamber_Detail.JPG|thumb|240px|Great makings, Changdeokgung Palace, [[Seoul]], [[South Korea]]]]

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Great makings, Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea
予もいづれの年よりか There came a time when
片雲の風にさそはれて invited by drifting clouds
漂泊の思ひやまず I set off on a journey
海浜にさすらへ to wander along the seashores 芭蕉

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Jpatokal is incorporated in Singapore, but is still racking up miles at an alarming rate. He was last spotted hacking his way through the jungle at Havelock Island towards 12°N 93°E.

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Scripting is fun, especially when you use as many languages as humanly possible. Perl is boring, so everything below is written in my old love Awk, my one-night-fling Python or my new squeeze Ruby instead.


一筋の光を信じてみるの? Will you try to believe in a ray of light?
それとも暗闇に怯えるの? Or will you quiver in darkness?
いつかは皆旅立つ Someday everybody sets out on a journey
その日がきっと来るね That day will definitely come
全てを捨ててもいい程 It will be OK to throw it all away
これから始まって行く物語は The story that begins now
不安と希望に満ちてる‥ Is filled with uncertainty and hope... あゆ