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I am a [[New Zealand]]er or '''Kiwi''' who lives in [[Upper Hutt]], but works in [[Wellington]].
For a living, I persuade computers and other electonic systems to explain what humans have been doing with them so I can explain that to other humans.
For the avoidance of doubt: I am the father of 4 children; attended the birth of all of them (almost delivering one on my own - in hospital!). Babies fall asleep (or do other things) on my shoulders and I am not upset by the mess that arise from their being cared for. These are just more of life's challenges to be accepted.
You can infer from this what you want to.
Trivia:- ''Five out of four typographical errors may be caused by dehydration.'' - From a poster for bottled NZ water.
=== Some Article Bookmarks ===
*[[Time zones]] |
=== Some Wikitravel Bookmarks ===
*[[Wikitravel:Use boldface to call out important topics]] - Why I bold the initial mention of an article's title.
*[[Wikitravel:Neutral point of view]]
*[[Wikitravel:Travellers' pub]] - For Questions.
*[[Wikitravel:Links to disambiguating pages]]
*[[Template:Disamb]] - Disambiguation message page
*[[Template:Stub]] - Stub message page
*[[Template:Months]] - Months message page
*[[Wikitravel:Welcome message]] - For welcoming new users
*[[Wikitravel:How to de-factbook a country page]]
=== Some Articles I initiated ===
*[[Wikitravel:IP address]] - For those who do not log on.
*[[Wikitravel:How to redirect a page]] - Because people need to know.
*[[Wikitravel:Disambiguation page index]]
*[[Template:Copyvio]] - Copyright violation message page.
=== Some Work to do ===
*[[Wikitravel:Park template]] - Needs some attention and linking into the templates list.
*[[Wikitravel:Internal links]] - needs expansion, boilerplate texts, etc.
=== Some Wikitravel:Articles that could be written ===
*[[Wikitravel:General disclaimer]] - on pretty much every page!
*[[Wikitravel:Subpages_help]] - on [[Wikitravel:User page help]]
*[[Wikitravel:Bad_form]] - on [[Wikitravel:User page help]]
*[[Wikitravel:Watchlist_help]] - on [[Wikitravel:Help]]
*[[Wikitravel:Special pages help]] - How to use the special pages.
*[[Wikitravel:Dead-end pages help]] - What are [[Special:Deadendpages|dead-end pages]], why they occur and how to stop them occuring.
*[[Wikitravel:Orphan pages help]] - What are [[Special:Lonelypages|Orphan pages]], why they occur and how to stop them occuring.
*[[Wikitravel:Mediawiki messages]] - How to insert Mediawiki messages onto pages.
*[[Wikitravel:Illegal activity policy]] - About including articles that discuss illegal activity.
*[[Wikitravel:Protected page]] from pages like [[Wikitravel:!Short articles]].
*[[Wikitravel:How to re-distribute Wikitravel content]] and [[Wikitravel:Non-compliant redistribution]] from [[Wikitravel talk:Non-compliant redistribution]]
=Attention Wiki Spammers=
:''All your page ranks are belong to us!''
This is dedicated to the spammer who posted the URLs for  [ jbbjcc <dot> com] on this page.
Please be aware that I am prepared to have your URLs and keywords [ chonnqed]!
If you would like your google pagerank '''reduced''' and have your website disappear from search engines (''not recommended'') then posting here is the best way to do so. The above link will merely redirect '''somewhere else''', meaning ''you are wasting your time'' by posting.
Hint: There are better ways of improving a website's page rank, like making a good one with the correct title names and keywords on the webpage. I was amazed just how much good website design improved the pagerank of a website I maintain. (And I won't tell you what it is because you will only spam it and I don't need the link for the site's page rank.) Do something constructive with your time - improve your website (instead of trying to improve its page rank) because that will hold visitors once they get to you and mean more hits anyway; they might even link to you!
PS: Thanks for the simplified chinese language pack - I can now recognise your spam as chinese - (which I cannot read).

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