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Where I'm from

Pittsburgh area

What I travel for

  • Seeing friends
  • Unique destinations
  • Curiosity
  • Photography
  • U.S. state highpoints

Although I'm not a mountain climber, I do want to visit the highpoints of every state. But, I suppose it's a worthwhile goal to try!

Highpoints visited : 5

  • Driving on every 1 or 2-digit Interstate
  • Visiting and photographing every county seat in Pennsylvania

Where I've been (in rough chronological order)

Highpoints I've been to

  • Mount Davis, Pennsylvania
  • High Point, New Jersey
  • Backbone Mountain, Maryland
  • Spruce Knob, West Virginia
  • Ebright Azimuth, Delaware

Where I'm planning to go

Where I want to go

Where I want to go further down the road