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#REDIRECT [[Offroad driving]]
I want to create an article about offroad driving. As I have no personal experience (yet) I decided to do this in my sandbox. Feel free to edit! And: If you think you have enough knowledge to assure at least basic quality of the article move it to [[Offroad driving]].
== Introduction ==
== Driving technics ==
Always remember to wear a saftly belt, even if driving at low speeds!
* Gravel
* Corrugation: On gravel roads sooner or later corrugation will build up. This will result in shaking if you drive more than about 20 km/h. At a much higher speed (80 km/h) it will get better, as the car "jumps" from wave to wave.
* River: Carefully watch other cars driving or walk through to see how deep it is before. If the engine block is hit by the water it will be cooled down very quickly, this might result in cracks.
* Sand: Do not try to steer agains resitance, the car will usually seach his track. Do not shift gears. Do not brake as this will build up small hills of sand in fromt of you tyres, making it difficult to start again. If you get stuck do not try to accelerate as this will only dig you more into the sand. Try driving backwards instead.
* Mud
* Snow
== Improvised repairs ==
== Car types ==
=== Landrover ===
=== Nissan ===
* X-Trail: Not necessarily a 4x4, there is a 2x4 type, too.
=== Toyota ===
* '''HiLiux'''
** Single Cab: Three seats, two doors
** Xtracab: Five seats, two doors
** Double Cab: six seats, four doors
* '''Land Cruiser'''
== Hiring a car ==
Most companies require a minimum age to rent a car.
* Tyres: Spare
* Oil
* Water
* Brakes

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