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Hi!  World traveller here! I've returned from another big trip, lucky me! Hopefully I can find some time to leave some of the jewels here...
Have been to many places but a whole lot more yet to go. Still my take on travel and living overseas ''might'' just be a little kookier than some people's, so maybe there is a spot for me here too!  One of my current struggles is about how we can justify travel in this day and age of environmental ravage and over-touristed places.  Drop me a line if you'd like to harp on about this with me. :)
I am also an editor on [ Wikipedia] and [ wikiHow - visit & edit!]. And on eBay, YouTube and anywhere else I've wasted hours that should have been spent writing a PhD. Oh yes, that. Well I am still trying to write it...
=== Current Favourite Places ===
And in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind first:
*Montreal (of course)
*the Gaspésie, the Chic Chocs, Percé - [ Gaspé] & [ Parc]
*Flinders Ranges
*Gros Morne
*Devil's Tower
*Queenstown, NZ
*Buenos Aires
*Hong Kong
*Volcan Villarica
*Olympia National Park
*The Rockies - yes, all of them
*Cape Breton
*Canberra (well, sometimes)
*Prince Edward Island
*I think this is enough for now!!
== Pages of Interest ==
* [ Blue Mountains National Park]

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