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*Project Home
*Today's log
*Recent changes
*Random page
*Wikitravel Shared
*Wikitravel Extra
*[[Hokkaido]] - [[Sapporo]]
**[[Akita (prefecture)]] - [[Akita]]
**[[Aomori (prefecture)]] - [[Aomori]]
**[[Fukushima (prefecture)]] - [[Fukushima]]
**[[Iwate]] - [[Morioka]]
**[[Miyagi]] - [[Sendai]]
**[[Yamagata (prefecture)]] - [[Yamagata]]
**[[Chiba (prefecture)]] - [[Chiba]]
**[[Gunma]] - [[Maebashi]]
**[[Ibaraki]] - [[Mito]]
**[[Kanagawa]] - [[Yokohama]]
**[[Saitama (prefecture)]] - [[Saitama]]
**[[Tochigi]] - [[Utsunomiya]]
**[[Tokyo (prefecture)]] - [[Tokyo]]
**[[Aichi]] - [[Nagoya]]
**[[Gifu (prefecture)]] - [[Gifu]]
**[[Fukui (prefecture)]] - [[Fukui]]
**[[Ishikawa]] - [[Kanazawa]]
**[[Nagano (prefecture)]] - [[Nagano]]
**[[Niigata (prefecture)]] - [[Niigata]]
**[[Shizuoka (prefecture)]] - [[Shizuoka]]
**[[Toyama (prefecture)]] - [[Toyama]]
**[[Yamanashi]] - [[Kofu]]
*[[Kinki]] ([[Kansai]])
**[[Hyogo]] - [[Kobe]]
**[[Kyoto (prefecture)]] - [[Kyoto]]
**[[Mie]] - [[Tsu]]
**[[Nara (prefecture)]] - [[Nara]]
**[[Osaka (prefecture)]] - [[Osaka]]
**[[Shiga]] - [[Otsu]]
**[[Wakayama (prefecture)]] - [[Wakayama]]
**[[Hiroshima (prefecture)]] - [[Hiroshima]]
**[[Okayama (prefecture)]] - [[Okayama]]
**[[Shimane]] - [[Matsue]]
**[[Tottori (prefecture)]] - [[Tottori]]
**[[Yamaguchi (prefecture)]] - [[Yamaguchi]]
**[[Ehime]] - [[Matsuyama]]
**[[Kagawa]] - [[Takamatsu]]
**[[Kochi (prefecture)]] - [[Kochi]]
**[[Tokushima (prefecture)]] - [[Tokushima]]
**[[Fukuoka (prefecture)]] - [[Fukuoka]]
**[[Kagoshima (prefecture)]] - [[Kagoshima]]
**[[Kumamoto (prefecture)]] - [[Kumamoto]]
**[[Miyazaki (prefecture)]] - [[Miyazaki]]
**[[Nagasaki (prefecture)]] - [[Nagasaki]]
**[[Oita (prefecture)]] - [[Oita]]
**[[Saga (prefecture)]] - [[Saga]]
*[[Okinawa]] - [[Naha]]
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