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Book project[edit]

What we need to make Wikitravel books.

Front page[edit]

We need a good looking front page with our new logo, the Wikitravel name, the name of the book (i.e. name of region covered by the book), appropiate picture, and creative-commons logo, and text.

We should somehow elect a picture for each bookworthy destination--Country, major region, big city. Maybe like the featured images on Then make it possible for a book-script to automaticly choose it, ie using CSS or a naming convntion.

It takes up too much paper space to have the CC logo on every destination. It is better to display it prominently on the front page.

We need to display the Wikitravel logo on the table of restaurant far away, others travellers will be curious about this guidebook.

Table of Context[edit]

The online Wikitravel has a hierarcical inline TOC. I.e. a contry article only lists major regio and a few cities. We should generate a full separate TOC of countries, regions, cities. Maybe "See" entries should be included in the TOC.


We need an index. What should be in it? Countries, regions, cities, disteicts, "See" and "Doo" entries. We could make a template that would add a word to the index, LaTeX style.


Each country and relevant region should use a standard way of denoting Phrasebooks for languages in that area. I.e. Irish, English for Ireland, Kurdish, Turkish, Arab for Kurdistan.

Other common articles[edit]

Thera can be other background articles than phrasebooks, we want to include in books with some books, i.e. Malaria, Wine tasting, Ottoman history.

Attribution page[edit]

Instead off naming a handful of contributers on each destination it would be better to have one or two full pages attribution for the material in the book.


Printers have a much higher resolution that monitors so the bookscript should get images in full size and produce a new thumnail from that.

The Wikitravel 100 KByte limit on images do limit the quality of printed images.


Most maps are thumbs which is fine if you are online. In a book a thumbnail of a map is useless. What e need is to generate fullpage maps from SVG's.