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-- Guestbook.

<Goodbye Speach>

All Wikitravel citizens,


Hello. If you are reading this I assume you know who the hell I am so there is no reason to introduce myself. I also won't explain a lot of stuff, I'll just make comments, cause there is at least 10 pages you can go to to get other parts of this dear story. This is an official going off Wikitravel permanently, yes should and probably won't see the EE name pop up online or in 'Recent Changes' sort a speach.

Now you may be wondering why? If you are so arrogant (or if you are new to this site and missed the big debatacle over 4 months) to not know why, then perhaps I'll explain it. And I really don't care, I don't have the curtiousy to keep the names hidden. Peterfitzgerald, 2old (you should retire maybe), (idiot) cacahuate (who is like in a weird friendship with Peter), and at least 50% of the active (3-12-09) moderation. You guys have been such jerks it's unbeliveable. What you guys have done is cyber bullying, and I love how you won't argue it cause you know it's true. So anyways it's just that people get tired of me asking questions. Well, since when are questions bad? I never think they are. You guys are twisted. Would you rather me screw up fabulous travel guides? I think not, especially Peter's precious Chicago one. WOO! Peter, you just proved to us that you had waaaay too much time and are waaay too obsessed with this site. Why am I singling out poor dear Peter? He's innocent right? BULL! Peter has been rude to me since like a month after I got here. He got annoyed with my comments (which were nothing bad), I questioned him about it, he got more annoyed. Then he started banning me. For 'edit warring', which I was only reviving my own comments that were against absolutely no rules in this site. Well it turns out Peterfitzgerald, Sertmann, and some other lovely moderators discussed offline how to deal with me. The least you could have done was give me a head's up. But no, you ban me for no reason. Cacahuate is just as bad, like Peter's minion or minime. Sertmann who I thought I got along with, was just really a clone, like the next Peter, with his work on Copenhagen, except I will say it is seen in a less odd way than Peter. So good on you Stefan Ertmann. You guys are pretty dumb giving out your names. Anyone on the internat can easily look you up and you don't have the body guards of Bush or Spears so you could really get hurt. Stefan Ertmann, Peter Fitzgerald, and more. Now, for those of you who weren't aroud to see the whole situation, you'll have to do a little research, but remember to see my point of view or if it happened to you and how you'd feel. Cause I don't feel like going into this anymore. If I do, I'll get really mean.

So with all that, you guys want me to work on travel guides and shut up, right? When you give me no respect and rob me of my dignity? Yeah, okay that's fair /sarcasm.

Then Peter has the courtesy to archive my talk page and call it his own with a EEarchive like at the end. When I specifically had gotten rid of it for my personal reasons. I know it's a free license, but what kind of person does that? In real life, you just don't victimize a person like that, literally torturing them and hurting their feelings a whole lot. I guess this just isn't real life. Where jerks can get away with anything - the internet. This is a continued rude rude rude rude significant embarrassment. But you guys don't care because you like looking at it. Woo Hoo.

Sertmann and others, I appreciate your thoughts and ideas on how to deal with them. But personally, I am just fed up with everything here. The drama is going on too long. It is energy draining. I don't want to feel gross when I log into a site, I want to be happy cause I'll be participating in a nice group. WindHorse & LtPowers, you both have been so nice to me, I thank you both all sooooo much I really like that there were people sticking up for me in these hard times. I know it must have been hard to do. Both of your advices have been appreciated. PerryPlanet, I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings, I appreciate all the work you've put into this site. Sertmann, you are going to be a great contributor to this site some time, especially with your great work in Copenhagen. Shaund, I thought you were a buddy who I could ask WT like questions or questions about Vancouver, but in the end you metaphorically stabbed me in the back when you were in favour of me being banned. What a jerk! I leave this site with a not good impression of you. On the off chance, I may come back annonymously to this site and work in the shadow for the Edmonton article. But really I don't know.

Peter, Caca, 2old, had you used that energy to try and really help me, you could have probably carved me into a great contributor. I will admit I did a lot of bad stuff, but nobody ever acknowledges what the moderation team of Wikitravel did. Anyways, whatever. I guess that's it. I don't know. I've very much lost interest in this site, but if I feel interested in working here again, I will probably do so offline, to rid myself of the drama of being a member. But if you appreciated me, you can't expect it soon if at all. I am on other websites if you wish to contact me, I use the same username.

I think that's all I got to say, oh and JimDeLaHunt, you were a good person and a fantastic contributor. I hope you do well for Vancouver, B.C. articles.

For the last time; keep smiling,