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Joined 18 October 2008
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Edmonton is a beautiful city.
This user page was designed by Wikipedia user IMatthew, the layout stolen from RyanCross

Hola, I am Edmontonenthusiast and this is my great user page. Here you can learn a little bit about me and what I plan to do here.


I am a docent for Edmonton and Edmonton's metro region. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.


  • Create one star article on Edmonton
  • District Calgary
  • Create subway/lrt maps
  • Clean up and add info for Stay safe and respect in Canada
  • Fixup Alberta article and make it guide
  • Do Route boxes for The Alberta Corridor (Edmonton to Calgary) and TransCanada BC Corridor (betwen Calgary and Vancouver) as well as other Alberta and BC ones.
  • Make a successful Dotm
  • Make all Edmonton districts guide
  • Fixup Seattle districts
  • Learn
  • Make Saskatchewan article representable
  • Add more images to Winnipeg
  • Add a full complete architecture guide of Winnipeg
  • Create an itinerary of Edmonton
  • Try and take better photographs
  • Help Local hero
  • Fix-up Kitsilano.
  • Make Edmonton an article people can look up to like SF and CHI.


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