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(Per Cacahuate's recent niceness to me, I will take this down out of respect for Cacahuate. Though, if Peter starts up all this again - it will come back (not for Caca prob).)
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<font size=7>People who should not deal with me</font>
-[[User:Peterfitzgerald]]: has not helped me in months with really anything and has continued to humiliate me, try to get rid of me, been rude to me in smart ways so people don't notice, got everyone hate on me, and has abused his banning rights.
-[[User:Cacahuate]]: may try to be nice with a cute fuzzy :), but has done nothing to help me even thoug being much more behind the scenes.  Has totally supported Peter and being exactly against me on every single level I can think of.
Until things cool, these two should not give me advice, comment in my talk page, or comment on matters so obviously about me.  Because it involves me, they will be reverted on sight - I don't care how nice the comments are.  Just to give them a taste of their medicine.

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