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Places I Have Visited

I have been to:

Travel Wishlist

Some of the top places I wish to visit, in no particular order: Countries:



I am currently hoping to improve guides to areas in Western Japan, particularly cities in Okayama Prefecture.

  • Okayama - finish Kibiji area. Organize the "Eat" category.
  • Chugoku - Finish making listings of the most interesting sites with brief descriptions. Research Yamaguchi further.
  • Shikoku - Although currently I am focused more on improving the Chugoku region, I do hope to add content to this region, as well.
  • Wuhan - The page is rather sad right now. I don't have my information with me now, but I'd like to add more in the future.
  • Kyoto - I have a lot of information that this page is currently lacking.

Created Pages: I created pages for Franklin, Tsuyama, Yurihama, and Takahashi.

Itineraries: Chugoku 33 Kannon Temple Pilgrimage - I translated it, and I've been to some of the temples, but hopefully someone who has done it will be able to add more to it. If I have time, there are other itineraries I may create...

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