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'''Asia & South Pacific'''
'''Asia & South Pacific'''
* [[Australia]]n road trip
* [[Australia]]n road trip
**[[Canberra]], [[Perth]], [[Brisbane]]
* [[Hitchhiking in Japan]]
* [[Hitchhiking in Japan]]
** [[Osaka]]
** [[Osaka]]

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My home away from home in central Indiana.


I'm Carly. I am known for taking spontaneous road trips to various nowheres in the Midwest. I enjoy cold places and oceans, far from what I'm used to. I'd love to hear your stories about places in the middle of nowhere! My hometown is Lombard. I've also lived in Chicago, Tulsa and Kokomo. I haven't yet traveled outside of the United States; some of my favorite destinations have been New York City, Omaha, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, Madison (Wisconsin) and Washington, DC.

Places to Go

North America

South America


Asia & South Pacific


I am the docent for Chicagoland and Chicago, an area in which I've lived for 12 years. The best way to contact me is via email ([email protected]).

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