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As a worldtraveller and native dutch living in Utrecht I am working on some articles around the globe. My dream is to develop my own wiki. So if anyone can give me information of developping a wikicommunity, please write me an email (mailto:[email protected]).
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||'''Name''' || Bart van Slobbe
|| '''Age''' || 27 , born 22/06/1977
|| '''Website''' ||
|| '''Website''' ||
||'''Email address''' || [email protected]
==Previous travels==
I have been travelling in
[[Thailand]], [[Malaysia]], [[Indonesia]], [[Sri Lanka]], [[Singapore]]
[[Zimbabwe]], [[South Africa]], [[Swaziland]], [[Tunisia]], [[Egypt]]
===[[United States]]===
[[Houston]], [[Chicago]]
===[[Central America]]:===
[[Guatemala]], [[Belize]], [[Honduras]], [[Mexico]], [[Cuba]]
[[France]], [[Belgium]], [[Spain]], [[Switzerland]], [[Italy]], [[Germany]], [[Greece]], [[Menorca]], [[Norway]], [[Monaco]], [[England]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Luxembourg]], [[Austria]], [[Vatican]], [[England]], and ofcourse The [[Netherlands]]
==Private info==
People that want to contact me:
Bart van Slobbe

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