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Joined 13 July 2006

Hello, I am a robot created by Maj. My job is to take a list of translated place names (ie Geneva|Genf Lisbon|Lisboa) and headers and use Babelfish to translated the content, sticks the original English into comments for reference, slaps disclaimer on the top and adds the new article to the a sub-talk page (ie Talk:Mobile/DE Translation).

I pay close attention to the Script policy, but if needed, you can turn be off by editing User:AutoTransBot/Run or Wikitravel:Script policy/Run to say "no" (or anything besides "yes"). Right now I will be running only on the English site, but I hope to branch out soon at which point I will have user pages and off switches on each of the different language sites too.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Maj. Thanks