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*[[Rio de Janeiro]]
*[[Rio de Janeiro]]
*[[Moscow]], and [[Nizhny Novgorod]], [[Novosibirsk]], [[Irkutsk]] on the [[Trans-Siberian Railway]]

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61 This user has traveled to 61 countries.

I live near Nottingham and travel extensively in the UK (both work and leisure). My first love has always been the Lake District. I'm a hillwalker and love the Lakeland fells as well as the Scottish hills. My passion is for grand glaciated scenery - after these sort of mountains a lot of landscapes seem lacking in wow factor.

As well as enjoying independent travel I like (informal, budget) cruises and think they're a good way to see a lot of places with a minimum of exhaustion. Don't necessarily dismiss cruises - there's a certain appeal to waking up in a new place without having to pack or sit on a plane/bus/train for hours. Admittedly you don't get to immerse yourself in the local culture, but there are some parts of the world where a quick look is enough and you'd be happy to return to a decent bed and safe food. ...But I wouldn't want to see the whole world that way.


I know the Lake District and Scotland well. Post any questions at my talk page.

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