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{{userpage|hometown=[[Denver]]|residence=[[Orlando]]|otherhomes=[[Nashville]], [[Mount Pleasant]], [[Madrid]], [[Berkeley]], [[Indianapolis]], [[Asheville]], [[Salt Lake City]], [[Berlin]]|havevisited=[[San Francisco]], [[Edinburgh]], [[Antwerp]], [[Bern]], [[Munich]], [[Los Angeles]], [[Chicago]], [[Detroit]], [[Liverpool]], [[Blackpool]], [[London]], [[Galicia]], [[Honolulu]], [[Costa Rica]], [[Panama City]], [[Managua]], [[The Hague]], [[Washington, D.C.]], [[Seattle]], [[Olympia]], [[Sao Paolo]], [[Rio de Janeiro]] |wishlist=[[Asuncion]], [[Bhutan]], [[Cyprus]], [[Athens]], [[Shanghai]], [[Nairobi]], [[Lagos]], [[Riga]], [[Doha]], [[Johannesburg]], [[Montevideo]], [[Geneva]], [[Sydney]], [[Nepal]]}}
{{userpage|hometown=[[Denver]]|residence=[[Orlando]]|otherhomes=[[Nashville]], [[Mount Pleasant]], [[Madrid]], [[Berkeley]], [[Indianapolis]], [[Asheville]], [[Salt Lake City]], [[Berlin]]|havevisited=[[San Francisco]], [[Edinburgh]], [[Antwerp]], [[Bern]], [[Munich]], [[Los Angeles]], [[Chicago]], [[Detroit]], [[Liverpool]], [[Blackpool]], [[London]], [[Galicia]], [[Honolulu]], [[Costa Rica]], [[Panama City]], [[Managua]], [[The Hague]], [[Washington, D.C.]], [[Seattle]], [[Olympia]], [[Sao Paolo]], [[Rio de Janeiro]] |wishlist=[[Asuncion]], [[Bhutan]], [[Cyprus]], [[Athens]], [[Shanghai]], [[Nairobi]], [[Lagos]], [[Riga]], [[Macau]],{{guideregion}} [[Doha]], [[Johannesburg]], [[Montevideo]], [[Geneva]], [[Sydney]], [[Nepal]]}}

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Hey y'all! I'm Andrew James Morgan, and I originally hail from Denver, Colorado, which, after my extensive travels, still remains one of my favorite cities on the planet. I hope to contribute to articles concerning the Colorado Rockies (no, not the baseball team) on this website, and I'm willing to offer Coloradoan hiking and state park advice/info to anyone here!

I graduated from Denver South High School in 2003, then went on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Physics with a minor in Portuguese at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. Afterward, I completed a two-year Master's program at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Since 2009,I've been working and living in Orlando, Florida, primarily with several internet/tech/engineering programs.

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Hometown Denver
Residence Orlando
Other homes Nashville, Mount Pleasant, Madrid, Berkeley, Indianapolis, Asheville, Salt Lake City, Berlin
Have visited San Francisco, Edinburgh, Antwerp, Bern, Munich, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Liverpool, Blackpool, London, Galicia, Honolulu, Costa Rica, Panama City, Managua, The Hague, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Olympia, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro
Wishlist Asuncion, Bhutan, Cyprus, Athens, Shanghai, Nairobi, Lagos, Riga, Macau,
This is a guide article. It has well developed information throughout the entire article, and throughout all of the articles on destinations within the region. Plunge forward and help us make it a star!

Doha, Johannesburg, Montevideo, Geneva, Sydney, Nepal


  • May 2012 - A wonderful Morgan family camping trip to the Indiana Dunes, accompanied by an elongated stop in Indianapolis, one of my former stomping grounds.
  • July 2012 - Week-long business trip in Antwerp, which quickly became one of my favorite cities.
  • August 2012 - First time in Central America, and let me tell you, I became absolutely enamored with this region of the world. I spent three weeks in Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, respectively. I'm hoping it's South America next year!
  • November 2012 - Thanksgiving week spent in Louisville, seeing my parent's new house for the first time.


  • February 2013 - My brother, Aidan, another fellow traveler (he's the off-the-beaten-path kinda guy, which is why it's strange that we agreed on this city) and I have booked ourselves a flight and short trip to Toronto, for some business discussion, as well as brotherly bonding time. Can't ever have enough of that! Oh, that'll also mark my first time in Canada. Jubilant!