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==NSFAQ: Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions==
#'''Who is Akubra?'''
#:Akubra is a [[Flanders|Flemish]] [[Belgium|Belgian]] living in the city of [[Mechelen]]. He is currently employed as an IT specialist. Akubra likes to travel (surprise!) and has [[User:Akubra/My trips|travelled extensively]] (including a 38-month trip around the world). Akubra used to be known as "Dhum Dhum" until recently.
#'''What happened to "Dhum Dhum"?'''
#:Well, sad to say but "Dhum Dhum" passed away on 8 March 2004. He had been using this name for a couple of years (not only on Wikitravel) and had grown a bit tired of it. So it was time for a name change.
#'''Why "Akubra"?'''
#:"Akubra" is the name of the most famous brand of hats in Australia. The last time Akubra has been in that country (1996) he bought such a hat and liked it very much. When he thinks of that hat (which he still has, BTW) he thinks about his travels in Australia and travelling in general. So, he thought it would be a fitting name to use here at Wikitravel.
#'''Why does Akubra contribute to Wikitravel?'''
#:*He likes the idea of sharing travel information;
#:*He knows that correct and up-to-date travel information is hard to find in the classic guidebooks (he used them during his travels);
#:*He knows from experience that the best travel information is priceless -- as in "you don't have to pay for it";
#:*He likes to believe that he has some useful information to share (but that's for you to decide...)
#'''What are Akubra's's favourite destinations (and why)?'''
#:#Has to be [[Australia]] -- because of the unique and magnificent nature; because of the sense of space; because of the sense of place; because the place is so remote that you can imagine the entire human population being wiped out by some disease and you're the only one left; because [[Australian English phrasebook|strine]] is just the most wonderful language in the world.
#:#[[India]] -- because of the sheer travel experience (you don't visit the country, you're submerged in it); because of the haunting and enthralling music (especially while sitting on a rooftop terrace at dusk, sipping at a glass of lassi and looking at the nightlife below and the red sky above); because you learn the meaning of the word "patience"; because of the Indians' sense of "logic".
#:#[[Indonesia]] -- because of the incredibly friendly people; because of the incredible variety of the country (natural, cultural, ...); because of the sense of adventure in remote areas.
#'''Which sites impressed him most?'''
#:[[Iguaçu Falls]] (Argentina-Brazil); the [[Gunbarrel Highway]], [[Kakadu National Park]], [[Karijini National Park]], [[Purnululu National Park]] and [[Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park]] (Australia); the [[Salar de Uyuni]] (Bolivia); [[Torres del Paine National Park]] (Chile); [[Meteora]] (Greece); [[Calcutta]], [[Darjeeling]] and [[Jaisalmer]] (India); the [[Apo Kayan]] and the [[Baliem Valley]] (Indonesia); the [[Annapurna Sanctuary]] (Nepal); [[Machu Picchu]] (Peru), ...
#'''Are there any places he hasn't been to but would like to visit some time?'''
#:Sure! He'd like to drive the [[Canning Stock Route]] in Australia, see [[Angel Falls]] and the tepuis of Venezuela, walk around the moais of [[Easter Island]], spend some time on the [[Marquesas Islands]], trek to the [[Paniai Lakes]] in [[Papua]] and much, much more...
#'''If there was only one travel-related thing left he could do, what would that be?'''
#:Walk (yes, walk) from Cape Byron to Steep Point. Cape Byron is the most eastern point on the Australian mainland, Steep Point the most western. The  distance between the two is about 4000km as the crow flies.
''If you have a relevant question, feel free to add it on this article's talk space. I'll try to answer it shortly.''

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