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In case you want to know a bit about Dhum Dhum, have a look at some [[User:Dhum Dhum/NSFAQ|NSFAQ]]'s. [[User:Dhum Dhum/My office|My office]] is where I sometimes prepare things for Wikitravel. You can enter without knocking, but please don't move stuff around. It might be a bit chaotic, but I know where everything is. You'll find an overview of where I've been in [[User:Dhum Dhum/My trips|my trips]] -- it's also there in case I don't know what to write about. [[User:Dhum Dhum/Wikitravel|Wikitravel]] is where I explain how I see Wikitravel -- I'm planning to incorporate it in the NSFAQ's in the near future.
'''Latest news:'''
*'''07/01/2004''' - As I'm starting the year with quite a bit more work on my hands than before I won't be able to contribute almost daily as I did previously. I still hope to write stuff for Wikitravel, but probably mainly during the weekends
*'''19/12/2003''' - I've decided to come back. You can read my explanation [[User:Dhum Dhum/Wikitravel|here]]. I'll start contributing again like I used to do.
*'''13/12/2003''' - I'm working on an explanation of the thoughts expressed below. Until that's ready I'll be doing some minor editing.
*'''09/12/2003''' - I'm taking a few days off from Wikitravel. Right now, I do take exception to some things on Wikitravel, the latest one being the [[Agra]] Pizza Hut. My view of travel is that you should experience '''the difference''', and not take "America" or whatever it is with you. Maybe I'm just too idealistic or too demanding, I don't know. Or maybe it is just me, maybe I'm in a bad mood or something. One thing is sure: I do want Wikitravel to become a more-than-valuable source for travellers. But the thing I ask right now is: give me a few days to get things sorted out.
'''Internal links:'''
'''To do:'''
*[[Apo Kayan]] - expand
*[[Flanders]] and its regions
*[[Oodnadatta Track]] - expand
*[[UNESCO World Heritage List]] - keep on adding
*[[Western Australia]] and its regions

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