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* Carnaval - 5th to 12th March, 2011
* Carnaval - 5th to 12th March, 2011
* Peruvian Election - April 10, 2011
* Peruvian Election - April 10, 2011
===Travel Blog===
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This page holds all future itineraries. It is also a spot where I can jot down a few ideas.

Some trips I'll definitely do, some I'm thinking about. They are categorised as follows:

  • Planned Trip - dates have been set and bookings have been made
  • Probable Trip - nothing or very little has been booked but it's highly likely I'll take this trip
  • Possible Trip - the trip is currently only an idea, nothing is set in stone

South America

Probable Trip: 2nd half December 2010 to 2nd half April 2011 Duration: 4 months (3 months of actual backpacking with friends, 1 month with family)

Key Dates

  • Carnaval - 5th to 12th March, 2011
  • Peruvian Election - April 10, 2011

Travel Blog



  • Pedometer - original route (ex. Panama)
  • Google Maps - locations of bus stations, airports, hostels, border crossings, etc

Detailed planning

Australia to Peru

Travellers (3): Aidan, Maria and Jessica

Peru to Bolivia

Travellers (3+): Aidan, Blyton, Aubs and anyone else interested

Bolivia to Argentina

Argentina to Uruguay

Argentina to Paraguay and Brazil

All three countries meet at Iguaçu Falls

Visa information for Australians:

Brazil to Guyana to Venezuela

Rio to Belem Option 1: Land

Rio to Belem Option 2: Air

Belem onwards

Venezuela to Colombia

Colombia to Panama and back

Ecuador to Peru

Peru to Australia