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Welcome to Ohio

Wikitravel:What a great idea and invention. I was born in 1948, live in Ohio, happily divorced since 1976. Two sons, both byteheads (said in a loving way), who attempt to keep me semi-computer literate and I must say, are better fathers than me. Six grandchildren, some travel with me at times (one at a time).

To Yee who come here in search of perfection.
You have come to the wrong spot. Since they told me what happened to the last perfect soul, I have given up the search.

Places I have been

Around. (a little)

A few of the favorite places I have been

The destination sign on my bus says


Best travel tips

  • Do not drive in Mexico City, not even on Sunday.
  • It takes lots of photos to get one good one.
  • Go back a different way.
  • Printed photographs darken, distort and fade, like memories.
  • Don't assume that the other person can read the language he/she is speaking.


Photo's - Many photo's that I have submitted are scans of photographs I have taken. Please excuse any gloomy, washed out, or out of focus photo's. If you can use them, replace them, or tweak them - be my guest. They were not intended for public use.

I am pretty sure I have Spanish Dyslexia and speak only English.

Some memorable excerpts from Wikitravel

"In contrast to the United States' image as a melting pot, Canada prefers to consider itself a mosaic of cultures and people."" Canada

"As with many European nations, some factions of the UK may harbour anti-American sentiment which has been particularly triggered by the Iraq war, which many of the public oppose; US citizens should be wary of making casual remarks about it. United Kingdom