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===By train===
===By train===
If you're already in Sweden, the most likely way for you to get to Uppsala is by train. Uppsala's Central Station is located right downtown, and is currently undergoing a large (and time-wise lengthy) expansion.  '''SJ''', the national rail service, operates dedicated hourly trains from [[Stockholm]] [http://www.sj.se/purchase/booksearchlocation.form?l=en&mode=normal&lkaid=112219:108:69245] and also less frequent trains to other cities such as [[Västerås]] and [[Sundsvall]], with some (minor) discounts for youth and students. Further, all trains coming or going from the North of Sweden ([[Norrland]] and [[Dalarna]]) from Stockholm also stop in Uppsala. Thus, at rush hour, there are trains connecting Stockholm and Uppsala every 15-20 minutes or so. For the vast majority of travelers coming from Southern Sweden, a change of trains in Stockholm is required.
If you're already in Sweden, the most likely way for you to get to Uppsala is by train. Uppsala's Central Station is located right downtown, and is currently undergoing a major (and time-wise lengthy) expansion.
Tickets from Stockholm usually cost 80 SEK one-way (75 SEK if you are under 25 or a student) if bought in the train-station. Use the silver machines in both Stockholm and Uppsala (they are located in the main hall or below the escalators to track 1-7 in Uppsala and on Track 3-4 in Stockholm). These tickets are valid only if you begin your journey within the next hour. They are not valid for X2000 (high-speed) or UL trains.
'''UL'''  [http://www.ul.se] also operates a commuter train known as ''Upptåget'' which connects Uppsala with Gävle in the north and ''Upplands Väsby'' in the south, where you can connect to Stockholm commuter trains.
'''SJ''' [http://www.sj.se] operates dedicated half-hourly trains from [[Stockholm]] and also less frequent trains from other cities such as [[Västerås]] and [[Sundsvall]]. Further, all trains to and from [[Norrland]], including the over-night trains, and [[Dalarna]] also calls here. However, for the vast majority of travelers coming from southern Sweden, a change of trains in Stockholm is required. '''UL'''  [http://www.ul.se] also operates a commuter train known as ''Upptåget'' between [[Gävle]]-Uppsala and Upplands Väsby, a suburb to Stockholm where it's possible to change onto local trains.
'''Veolia''' and '''Tågkompaniet''' also serve the station irregularly, on services going to Northern Sweden.
A few private companies also traffic Uppsala, during winter '''Veolia'''[http://www.veolia-transport.se] runs night-trains to the northen ski resorts that calls here as well as the luxury first-class only '''Blå Tåget''' [http://www.blataget.com] from [[Gothenburg]] via Stockholm.
Commuter tickets from Stockholm usually cost 80 SEK one-way, cheaper if you're student or under 26, if bought at the train-station. Tickets for the high-speed services and private companies are more expensive, altough they are not much faster.
===By bus===
===By bus===

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Uppsala cathedral

Uppsala [5] is a university city in Uppland province in Svealand, south central Sweden. With a population of 158,000 (200,000 in the municipality), it is the fourth largest city in Sweden. The two universities dominate the city, so there are lots of young lively people everywhere. It holds Scandinavia's largest cathedral, originally constructed in the 1200s, which is open for visitors.


Destination Uppsala AB [6], Fyristorg 8, phone: 018-727 48 00. E-mail: [email protected]

Get in

By train

If you're already in Sweden, the most likely way for you to get to Uppsala is by train. Uppsala's Central Station is located right downtown, and is currently undergoing a major (and time-wise lengthy) expansion.

SJ [7] operates dedicated half-hourly trains from Stockholm and also less frequent trains from other cities such as Västerås and Sundsvall. Further, all trains to and from Norrland, including the over-night trains, and Dalarna also calls here. However, for the vast majority of travelers coming from southern Sweden, a change of trains in Stockholm is required. UL [8] also operates a commuter train known as Upptåget between Gävle-Uppsala and Upplands Väsby, a suburb to Stockholm where it's possible to change onto local trains.

A few private companies also traffic Uppsala, during winter Veolia[9] runs night-trains to the northen ski resorts that calls here as well as the luxury first-class only Blå Tåget [10] from Gothenburg via Stockholm.

Commuter tickets from Stockholm usually cost 80 SEK one-way, cheaper if you're student or under 26, if bought at the train-station. Tickets for the high-speed services and private companies are more expensive, altough they are not much faster.

By bus

For those really on a budget, Uppsala is accessible by bus. Swebus runs coaches from Stockholm's City Terminalen (although the price is almost the same as with the train), as well as Gothenburg, Malmö and other cities in Sweden. Also, Bus4You runs coaches on the route Göteborg - Stockholm - Uppsala with one-way tickets from Stockholm to Uppsala for 39kr [11].

UL operates services to Västerås and Sala, as well as Arlanda Airport. Buses also connect Uppsala with Västerås Airport (SEK 200 return ticket), operated by Flygbussarna [12]. These are timed to coincide with the arrival and departure of Ryanair's daily flights to London.

By car

Uppsala is located along one major highway, the E4. The north-south highway passes to the east of the city and stretches south to Stockholm, Norrköping, and all the way to Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Likewise it continues north past Sundsvall and Umeå to the Finnish border at Haparanda. The smaller national roads 55 and 72 carry traffic to Enköping and Sala, respectively 288 to Östhammar.

By plane

Uppsala has no airport of its own; city officials have been wrangling for years over whether to convert the old Ärna air force base just northwest of the city for civilian use. For now, thus, Uppsala is served by the same airports that serve Stockholm city.

  • The main international airport, through which most traffic flows, is at Arlanda (ARN), which is located 35 km south of Uppsala, about halfway to Stockholm. It's a hub for SAS and served by most main European airlines and a number of Asian and American carriers. From there trains, buses, rental cars and taxis will be waiting to whisk you away - which one to take is up to you.
    • The standard option is Upptåget, operated by UL and departing every 30 minutes; the 19-minute train trip will set you back SEK 130 one-way. Trains depart Arlanda on weekdays every half hour between 5:27AM and 0:57AM (on weekends, trains run from 6:57AM). The train-station is called Arlanda Central (the airport has 3 train stations) and is located under Sky City, between terminals 4 and 5. Tickets are available from the information desks in the airport (in either the arrival area or in Sky City in front of the elevators leading to the station), or on the train itself (at a 20 SEK surcharge). In Uppsala, you may buy tickets for Upptåget either from the 'Travelcenter' within the building (Resecentrum) or on the train itself (at a 20 SEK surcharge). Do NOT buy tickets from either the blue or gray machines inside the station - while those machines do sell tickets labeled Arlanda, they are not valid on Upptåget, but only on SJ trains (read below).
    • UL buses also exist, also departing every half-hour, from in front of terminals 2 and 5. They cost SEK 80 if bought in advance and SEK 100 if bought on the day, and take a bit over 40 minutes to arrive in front of the Central Station in Uppsala. Tickets can be bought at either the Information Desk in front of the exits from Terminals 2 and 5, or from the driver. They run round-the-clock and might be your only option between midnight and 5 or 6AM, even though they take far longer to arrive in Uppsala. Note that if you buy your ticket on the bus, you cannot pay by cash.
    • In addition to Upptåget, there are a (small) number of long-distance and regional trains calling at both Arlanda and Uppsala. These trains are operated by SJ, the national train company. Tickets are usually more expensive than in the case of Upptåget (around 140-160 SEK one way - there is no fixed price, as SJ uses an airline-style flexible demand-based system), but can be significantly cheaper (down to ca. 75 SEK) if booked well in advance. Tickets can be bought in similar fashion as in the case of Upptåget, plus from the blue or gray machines available in Uppsala Central Station. Note however that there is a 100 SEK surcharge if you buy the ticket onboard the train.
    • Taxis are available in front of both terminals 2, 4 and 5. They offer fixed prices to Uppsala (usually denoted by a large 'Fast Pris Uppsala-Arlanda/Arlanda-Uppsala' sign near the back of the car). This usually amounts to 350-500 SEK for 1-4 persons, making it a cost-effective option for 3-4 persons (especially if factoring in public transport costs within Uppsala city). You must ask for the fixed price before commencing the journey, otherwise the driver might employ the per-km charge, that usually amounts to far more.
  • If using Ryanair or Wizzair or other similar budget carriers, they serve Skavsta Airport (NYO), in Nyköping, about 200 km south of Uppsala. You can either make your way to Stockholm, by using the Airport Buses (Flygbussarna) and take the train from Stockholm's central station (total, 152 SEK), or, cheaper, take the city bus from Skavsta to Nyköping Central Station and take a direct regional train to Uppsala (120-140 SEK in total, sometimes as low as 69 SEK).
  • Ryanair also serves Stockholm Västerås airport (80 km west of Uppsala) to a handful of destinations in Britain and Spain. Getting to Uppsala was relatively easy in the past, as a direct shuttle used to exist. Right now, however, your best/cheapest/fastest bet is to use the shuttle to downtown Västerås and get on the UL regional bus (yellow) to Uppsala for 112 SEK. If you book well in advance, you might get a cheaper deal on the SJ trains from Västerås Central via Sala.

Get around

Uppsala town center

By bike

The best way to travel in Uppsala is by bike. As any visitor will notice, there are a lot of cyclists here, enough so for the city to earn the nickname "Bike Town." There are paths paralleling nearly every road, and many places to store them outside. Several rental places exist in town. As a side note, locals have a saying that everyone who lives there has had a bike stolen at some point in their lives. While this is not entirely true (it's more a reflection on the popularity of biking than any level of crime), it's probably a good idea to lock your bike.

By bus

Uppsala boasts an excellent bus system [13], and you're never more than a few hundred meters from the closest bus stop. A ticket on a green "Stadstrafiken" (city traffic) bus costs SEK 20, and you normally pay by SMS. Just send a message to 72472 with the text "UV" if you´re 20 or older, and "uu" if you´re 19 or younger. This only works if you have a Swedish mobile phone. Otherwise, you can nowadays pay by credit card on the bus. Tickets are otherwise sold at vending machines near many of the major bus stops. It's not possible to pay cash on the bus. Consider buying a värdekort if you're staying a few days; they're prepaid, refillable (in any amount) bus cards, and by using it the price lowers to SEK 16 per trip.

By taxi

If you would like to travel by taxi, use the four major taxi companies: Uppsala Taxi, Taxi Kurir, Taxi Direkt and Taxi 020. There are also a lot of smaller companies, but they might have their own view on what you should pay and might also have less geographical knowledge. Be sure to negotiate the fare in advance of getting in the taxi if no guaranteed fare is posted.


The botanical garden
  • Uppsala University [14] was established in 1477, making it the oldest university in Scandinavia.
  • Uppsala Cathedral (Domkyrkan), Domkyrkoplan 2 (From the center of town or the train station, look up, and walk towards the huge spires on the other side of the river.), +46 18 187173, [1]. The Cathedral is open 8AM-6PM; the museum is open 10AM-5PM Apr-Aug, Noon-3PM Sept.-Mar. The Uppsala Cathedral ("Domkyrkan" in Swedish) is one of the focal points of Uppsala and it dominates the city skyline. It is simultaneously the largest church in Scandinavia, the burial site of many a Swedish royal, and the seat of the Church of Sweden. It shouldn't be missed, but given its towering size, how could you? Free for Cathedral entrance, 30 SEK for museum.
  • Uppsala Castle, (Uppsala Slott) Tel. +46 18 54 48 11, [15]. Uppsala's other huge landmark is stocked with large halls and paintings, as well as older remnants of the 16th century castle built by the Vasa dynasty. Some of the space is also being filled by Uppsala Konstmuseet, a local art museum.
  • Carl Linnaeus Garden, Svartbäcksgatan 27, Tel. +46 18 471 25 76, [16]. With the Orangery.
  • Botanical Gardens, Villavägen 8, Tel. +46 18 471 28 38, [17]. The bigger garden at the university.
  • The Uppland Museum, S:t Eriks gränd 6, Tel. +46 18 16 91 00, [18]. Located in a former water mill building.
  • Bror Hjorth's House, Norbyvägen 26, Tel. +46 18 56 70 30, [19]. Especially interesting for those who like naivist paintings.
  • Carolina Rediviva, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 1, +46 18 4713900 (). M-F, 8:30AM-9PM, Sa 9AM-6PM. The Uppsala University library and an enormous one at that, with over 5 million volumes. One of these is the famed Silver Bible, dating to the 6th century. Adults, 20 SEK, Children under 12, Free.
  • Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), Tel. +46 18 16 91 00, [20] is the home of several pre-Viking, pre-historic burial mounds. There is also an old church and the open-air museum Disagården with old Swedish houses [21]. You get there via Bus 2 from central Uppsala.
  • Gustavianum/University Museum [22] (Akademigatan 3, Tel. +46 18 471 75 71) The old anatomical theater from the 17th century. There is also a collection of Egyptian sarcophages and artifacts as well as a collection of historical scientific artifacts belonging to the university.


Linnéträdgården (The Linnean garden)
  • Go swimming at Fyrishov, Idrottsgatan 2, Tel. +46 18 727 49 50, [23].
  • Uppsala Reggae Festival [24] is held for three days every summer. They have lots of international artists.
  • Kulturnatten (Culture Night) [25]. On the second Saturday of September every year, most people working in culture in Uppsala show their talents downtown to masses of people walking around.
  • In the winter, the traditional Swedish sport of bandy, like field hockey played on ice, is played at Studenternas Idrottsplats just south of the City Gardens. The local team, Sirius, are in the Swedish top division. Studenternas also plays host to the final of the national championship, decided in March every year.
  • Attend the Valborg celebrations, held on the last of April every year. [26] [27]. During the day, tens of thousands of people are out on the streets and parks. Lots of champagne is consumed (or sprayed) and the whole town is like one big festival. At 10AM, students riding decorated rafts race down the Fyris river, usually crashing in the two waterfalls. At 3PM, lots of people gather below Carolina Rediviva and put on their white student caps at a signal, and the masses rejoice. At 9PM, a choir is singing an ode to spring by the castle.
  • Go on a boat-trip [28] on the river Fyrisån that takes you to the lake Ekoln, a part of Mälaren. Continue to the castle Skokloster.
  • If you are a student at any university or college and have brought with you your student ID card you should strongly consider purchasing a Uppsala University Student Nation Guest card [29]. The guest card admits entrance to the 12 Nations. The nations are student fraternities that run night clubs, pubs, balls and many other activities. Food and beverage are about half price. A meal will set you back around 70 SEK and a beer 25-35 SEK. An event calendar is available here. [30]


  • Svartbäcksgatan is the main shopping street in town, two blocks from Centralstationen. On it lies the Stora Torget, the main square in Uppsala. It is closed to cars.
  • Akademibokhandeln, Forumgallerian, Dragarbrunnsgatan 43-45, top floor. A big, well-stocked book store. A good Sci-Fi & Fantasy English language section.
  • Studentbokhandeln, Sysslomansgatan 7. A book store owned by the Student Union and Uppsala University.
  • The Uppsala English Bookshop, S:t Olofsgatan 32, [31]. All kinds of books in English.
  • Uppsala Skivbörs, Svartbäcksgatan 39. A cozy record store with both new and used records in various genres.
  • Saluhallen, S:t Eriks Torg 8. A fashionable market hall with various types of expensive, highly qualitative food and drinks in various shops. There are also some restaurants there.
  • Gränby Centrum, Marknadsgatan, [32]. The biggest mall in Uppsala. It has 60 shops, 5 restaurants and is located 3 kilometers (1.2 miles) east of the city centre. Use bus 10 to "Gränby C".
  • Boländerna, Rapsgatan. The biggest district for buying "not everyday stuff" (electronics, furniture, cheap bikes) in Uppsala. This is where you find the second biggest IKEA in sweden, MediaMarkt, Bauhaus, Elgiganten and so on. The parkings can hold nearly 8,000 vehicles, which makes this one of the biggest concrete jungles in Sweden. Located 3 kilometers (1.2 miles) south of the city centre. Use the buses (12 best choice), 13, 20, 41 or 42 to "Coop Forum/IKEA".
  • Galleria Dragarbrunn, Dragarbrunnsgatan 24, [33]. A brand-new small mall located in the city. It is a fashionable mall with mostly expensive brands.
  • Pressbyrån, S:t Persgatan 10. A well-stocked magazine store with lots of international and Swedish magazines.
  • Svavagallerian (Dragarbrunnsgatan 50), Forumgallerian (Dragarbrunnsgatan 43-45) and S:t Per-gallerian (Svartbäcksgatan 7-11) are three centrally-located shopping malls. They can't compare to the malls in nearby Stockholm though.


Uppsala, being a college town, is not a city that is big on fine dining. There are a number of good restaurants to be found, however, and most of them are not far from the main landmarks in town. If you're on a budget, try one of the kebab places in town, Jalla Kebab or Kebab House for a lot of food for not a lot of money. For something more on the high-end, Saluhallen is a great spot for lunch given the huge variety of different types of food. Unknown even to many locals, some of the student Nations serve simple, yet well cooked, lunches for around 50 SEK (or even less), and you do not need to be a student to eat there. More info at [34].


  • Indian kitchen, Kungsgatan 25. Good indian food to a reasonable price (large portions) and great service.
  • Jalla Kebab, Stora Torget 1, +46 18 10 35 35 (), [2]. M-F 10AM-9PM, Sa-Su 11AM-9PM. 50-80 SEK.
  • Luthagens Kök & Bar, Börjegatan 11. Serves hamburgers and pizzas and does it well.
  • Pizzaköket, Kungsgatan 47. High quality pizzas.
  • Rosa Pantern, Sysslomansgatan 11.
  • Ultuna Thai, Ulls väg 25, Ultuna, Tel.: +46 18 67 33 67, [35]. Genuine, inexpensive thai food of good quality on the campus of the Swedish Agricultural University.


  • Trattoria Comedia, Skolgatan 31. A cozy Italian restaurant. SEK 110-200.
  • Yukikos Sushi, Norbyvägen 65, [36]. Probably the best sushi restaurant in Uppsala. Also take away. SEK 75-105.
  • Uppenbar, Västra Ågatan 12. Pizza, pasta and meat dishes and a nice view over the Fyris river.
  • Koh Phangan, Övre Slottsg. 12. Very popular thai food restaurant offering good food in a fun atmosphere. SEK 140-200.
  • Messob African Restaurant, Sturegatan 4 A. Good Ethiopian and Eritrean food and very friendly staff. SEK 85-180.
  • Tzatziki, Fyristorg 4, Tel.: +46 18 15 03 33, [37]. Very popular Greek restaurant in a beautiful environment just by the Fyris River and below the Cathedral. Main course 100-150 SEK.
  • Tilltugg, Vaksalagatan 24. Good and popular tapas restaurant. 40-50 SEK per tapas. Table reservations not possible.
  • Svenssons Taverna, Sysslomansgatan 14. Large outdoor seating area is very popular in the summer. Well-known for its pizzas. Pizzas 125-140 SEK, other main courses 165-275 SEK.
  • Mammas Meze, Karlsrogatan 74. Good, no-frills Lebanese restaurant in a quiet neighbourhood. 45-55 SEK per meze, 160-180 SEK for other main courses.


  • Hambergs, Fyristorg 8, Tel. +46 18 71 21 50, (email: [email protected]), [38]. Great seafood in this relaxed atmosphere. Except for desserts they serve nothing but seafood. Mains SEK 170-350.
  • Domtrappkällaren, S:t Eriks gränd 15, [39]. Fancy restaurant with a long history. Mains SEK 105-255.
  • Restaurang Lingon, Svartbäcksgatan 30, Tel. +46 18 10 12 24, [40]. Serves swedish dishes with a luxurious touch. During the summer, the restaurant has a riverside area.
  • Villa Anna, Odinslund 3, Tel. +46 18 580 20 10, [41]. Award-winning chefs serve classic dishes with constantly innovative touches. Dinner is an culinary experience. Situated in the cultural district, next to the Cathedral.
  • Peppar Peppar, Suttungs Gränd 3, close to the train station. [42], Tel. +46 18 13 13 60. Award winning Swedish and European cuisine. Mains 170 - 270 SEK.


  • The university has an optional student club system called Student Nations [43]. There are thirteen nations, each with a headquarters where one can dance, drink, and meet people - somewhere between an Oxford residential college and an American fraternity/sorority. Those Uppsala students that apply for membership of any of the nations, receive a 'nation card' which is required for entry to the Nations. Visitors' cards can be purchased in advance at the Students' Union (Studentkår) for those who have a valid student ID.

The city's live music scene is mostly centered around Student Nations like Kalmar Nation [44] or Västmanlands-Dala Nation [45].

The local newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning has a calendar database [46] on various cultural and entertainment events. You can also pick up the free Nollarton magazine and the equally as free Uppsala Nya Tidning Fredag downtown for the same type of information. They are only available in Swedish though.

Of course, there are many bars and clubs of all types beyond the Nations and an abundance of cozy cafés.


  • Café Ofvandahls, Sysslomansgatan 5. A traditional old cafe with old roots and atmosphere. They sometimes have poetry slam contests and other poetry readings, but they are mostly in Swedish.
  • Café Fågelsången, Munkgatan 3. A cafe with the possibility to sit outdoors in the summer. They serve sandwiches as well as traditional Swedish cookies and cakes.
  • Katalin, near the train station, Tel. +46 18 14 06 80, [47]. A nice place with an active calendar of international and national touring acts.
  • Hugo's Kaffe & Deli, Svartbäcksgatan 21, [48]. A youthful and bohemian little cafe with quirky furniture.
  • Barista Fair Trade Coffee, Svartbäcksgatan 14, [49]. Scandinavian's first ethical coffeeshop. Everything is fair-trade marked and the coffeemakers are all well educated and make excellent coffee. They also serve lunch.
  • Café Linné Konstantina and Café Linné Hörnan (Svartbäcksgatan 22 and 24) are two cozy cafes, often used as a meeting place for various clubs or political groups.
  • Café Tar Italian coffee bar. Sysslomansgatan 9. Excellent espresso served between spartan walls decorated with paintings by local artists.
  • Café Vardein, Saluhallen, S:t Eriks torg 8. Its espresso is both the cheapest and the best. Also a large selection of take-home coffee, either whole beans or ground in-store.
  • Ekocaféet, Drottninggatan 5. All-organic café which finds a good balance between trendy and relaxed. Also serves wine and beer.

Daytime in the weekends, many of the student nations have cafés, which always have prices significantly below those of ordinary cafés. Both students and non-students are welcome.


  • O´Connor´s, Stora Torget 1, Tel: +46 18 14 40 10. Opened in 1993, this "Irish" bar and restaurant is Syrian owned and run. This place has a great selection of Irish, Belgian and Swedish beers. Beers are SEK 45-65, entrance is SEK 20 M-Th and SEK 60 after ten o'clock Fridays and Saturdays when live music is performed. Coats must be handed in at the cloakroom on busy nights (for example, on Saturday nights and when there is music).
  • Buddy's, Dragarbrunnsgatan 53, Tel: +46 18 10 70 70 (E-mail: [email protected]), [50]. An authentic Irish pub opened in 2007. The owner, Buddy Mooney, is always happy to have a chat with his guests in the cozy atmosphere. Quiet live music at times. Good food and a nice selection of Irish, English, Belgian and Swedish beers. Multi-cultural friendly staff from United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden.


  • Birger Jarl (BJ), Nedre Slottsgatan 3, +46 18 13 50 00 (fax: +46 18 13 00 12), [3]. F-Sa 9PM-3AM. BJ definitely caters to the young and the flashy; if you're into shots and the latest house tunes, BJ is definitely the best place in town. 50-85 SEK.



  • Uppsala City Hostel, S:t Persgatan 16, Tel. +46 18 10 00 08, [51] They have some of the cheapest accommodations in town and free wifi.
  • STF Vandrarhem Sunnersta Herrgård, Sunnerstavägen 24, Tel. +46 18 32 42 20 (E-mail: [email protected]), [52]. Hostel situated in an old manor, six kilometers (3.6 miles) south of the town center. Good communications (bus/taxi, bicycle) to the town center.
  • Uppsala Vandrarhem & Hotel Kvarntorget Kvarntorget 3, Tel. +46 18-24 20 08, [53]. Combined Hostel/Hotel with beds starting at SEK 240. Free Wifi and a Kitchen.
  • Hotell Muttern, S:t Johannesgatan 31C, Tel. +46 18 51 04 14, [54]. Singles from 570 SEK, doubles from 670 SEK.
  • Akademihotellet, Övre Slottsgatan 5, very central location. Tel. +46 18 15 51 90, [55]. Singles from SEK 540, doubles from SEK 660. This hotel is a perfect base for exploring Uppsala by foot.


  • Grand Hotel Hörnan, Bangårdsgatan 1, Tel.: +46 18 13 93 80, (email: [email protected]), [56]. Older hotel located at the Fyris river close to the train station. Occasionally have good deals on rooms. SEK 650-1250. The hotel has an excellent and cozy bar with the full product range of the local brewery, Slottskällan.
  • First Hotel Linné, Skolgatan 45, Tel. +46 18 10 20 00, [57]. Very centrally located. WiFi. Excellent breakfasts. The downside is that, this hotel does not have air conditioning. In summers especially, it can become very uncomfortable at times. The rooms are very small.
  • Best Western Hotel Svava, Bangårdsgatan 24, Tel. +46 18 13 00 30, [58]. Very close to the train station. Great breakfast buffet. Singles from 675 SEK, doubles from 800 SEK.
  • Hotel Uppsala, Kungsgatan 27, Tel. +46 18 480 50 00, [60]. Uppsala's biggest hotel with a nice location in the city centre. Affordable and good value rooms.
  • Scandic Hotel Uplandia, Dragarbrunnsgatan 32, +46 18 495 26 00, [4]. Located downtown near the train station. 920-1935 SEK, 1880 SEK suite.


  • Villa Anna, Odinslund 3, Tel. +46 18 580 20 10, [61]. A new luxury hotel in a newly renovated building from 1870. In the heart of the cultural district, next to the Cathedral. Suites with whirlpool and sauna! This is where the Nobel Prize winners sleep during their visit to Uppsala University.


  • The City Library [62] offers several computers for free (using a queue system).
  • Sidewalk Express [63] also has three Internet cafes where you can get online for about 2 Euro/h: one at the central station, one at the fast food restaurant "Jalla!", situated on the main square and one in Burger King in Dragarbrunnsgatan.
  • Port22 [64] (S:t Olofsgatan 32) is an internet cafe and coffee shop.

Get out

  • Carl Linnaeus' Hammarby [65] (Tel. +46 18 32 60 94), a mansion 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Uppsala.
  • Älvkarleby Small city with beaches, the Dalälven river with salmon fishing, and golf courses.
  • Lake Mälaren The third largest lake in Sweden. At the southern outskirts of Uppsala.

Routes through Uppsala
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