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Upper Egypt

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'''Upper Egypt''' is that region of the Nile Valley in [[Egypt]] that lies between [[Luxor]] in the north and [[Aswan]] in the south. The region is characterised by a number of ancient settlements and temple towns that draw thousands of travellers every year.
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*[[Kom Ombo]]
==Other destinations==
==Get in==
The towns of Upper Egypt can be accessed either by train or taxi from [[Luxor]] or [[Aswan]] - a trip from one of these cities to the other, popular with many travellers to Egypt, is greatly enhanced by stopping at one or more of the temple towns. Exact details differ for each town - it is worthwhile consulting the article on each for full details.
Negotiate with the driver of your taxi to stop in each of the towns along the way.... This is a very common practice and can be easily arranged with some canny bargaining. (Please note that although this part of the Nile Valley has never really been threatened by violence - unlike Middle Egypt - the Egyptian tourist police may nonetheless insist that you travel within a police convoy).
Alternatively,  a felucca voyage between Luxor and Aswan will normally include stops at one or more of these Upper Egyptian towns.

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