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Ulan Ude

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Eastern Siberia : Buryatia : Ulan Ude
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Ulan Ude

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The Odigitrievsky Cathedral

Ulan Ude (Russian: Ула́н-Удэ́ oo-LAHN oo-DEH) is the capital of Buryatia.


A pretty wooden house in the old part of Ulan-Ude

The town was founded in 1666, and due to its location on trade routes between Russia, China and Mongolia it developed into a prosperous trading town. Ulan Ude is an important commercial and industrial center of Eastern Siberia, located on the 5640th kilometer of the Trans-Siberian railway. It is the capital of Buryatia republic that is a home for Buryat, Evenk and Russian people. The city itself has a distinct Asian-like feel, perhaps because of the cultural mix and proximity to Mongolia. There are about 400 000 inhabitants, but it seems to be very calm and local people are friendly to visitors.


The months of January to March are the coldest, with temperature reaching as low as -27°C in January. April and May are also cold, but usually it is above freezing. June to August are the most pleasant months with lots of sunshine and temperatures rising to the low 20s. September and October are bracing months, but not yet very cold. November and December again sees a return to freezing temperatures of around -10°C to -20°C.

Generally, it is very contrast: in summer it may be very hot, and in winter it may be freezing. The months of January to March are the coldest, with temperature reaching as low as -27°C in January. April and May are also cold, but usually it is above freezing. June to August are the most pleasant months with lots of sunshine. Also, the whole Buryatia, and Ulan-Ude particulary, is considered to be the place where there are the most sunny days during the year, comparing to other places around. The average temperature during the year is: January -27 | February -18 | March -9 | April +1 | May +9 | June +18 | July +20 | August +22 | September +10 | October 0 | November -11 | December –19

Get in

By plane

  • There are daily flights to/from Moscow on Sibir airlines (now called S7 Airlines) — the 6 hour flights from Moscow are overnight, arriving around 8:30AM, with return flight leaving at around 9:30AM, arriving Moscow around 10:30AM [1]

By train

  • As Ulan-Ude stands in the middle of Trans-Siberian route connecting it to Trans-Mongolian railway, there are a lot of trains passing it by from any direction such as Moscow in the west, Ulaan-Bataar from the south and Vladivostok from the east.
  • There are many daily trains to Irkutsk (takes 8 hours), Chita
  • There is a couple of trains to Ulaan-Baatar. Ulan Ude is the first major Russian city past the Mongolian border. It takes around 20 hours by train from UB.
  • The famous among backpackers way to get to Ulan Ude is to take a four day journey from Moscow.

By bus

  • There are daily buses from and to Ulaanbaatar. Departing at 7.30am from either UB (front of train station) or UU, the journey taking about 10-12 hours. From Ulan Ude, travel agents sell tickets for 1100R, including a 10% booking fee. Tickets departing Ulan Bator are sold at the upper floor of the building next to the train station (facing the station, it's on the left), for T45,000. They will not accept rubles, but the desk next to them is an exchange desk, with quite good rates. All in all, this is a much cheaper and faster alternative to the train.
  • Minibuses operate a service to the Mongolian border town of Kyakhta. The buses depart every hour from 7am to 7pm and the three hour journey costs 250R. Coming in by train, the distance to the bus terminal is rather long so you have to take a taxi. Learn how to do it in Russian and you will not get ripped off. The minibus driver will most probably ask for 50R. extra for each of your luggage.
  • There is a bus service operating both to Irkutsk and Chita, but the frequency depends on the season. Departs from the train station. Ulan-Ude to Irkutsk train station is 700 roubles. You just come to the bus, occupy seats and pay to the driver.

Get around

Ulan-Ude's Lenin Head is surely the largest in the world

The center of Ulan Ude is relatively compact, and very walkable. Taxis roam the streets for the lazy, but don't expect any of the drivers to speak English. If you don't want to walk, shuttle buses (10-12 seat minbuses) run frequently to all parts of the city for a flat cost of 15 RUB (from 2013), each route is numbered (on the windscreen) so get help to identify the route you want, flag the bus down to get on, pay the driver and indicate when you want to get off. There are also a limited number of tram routes. Main tram line is a circle around the whole city, quite slow soviet era wagons will give you the taste of the place from locals' eyes.

From 2013 there are only 2 bus stations - Train station and South Bus station. Buses to lake Baikal and most of the republic depart from South Bus station. Some of the buses leave from train station, to Irkutsk and to Arshan.


City Center

  • The World's Largest Lenin Head, main city square.
  • The merchant's mansions. Historical relics of the town's prosperity as a trading center. The mansions are located along the banks of the Uda River.
  • The Arbat street, it's locally called Arbat after famous Moscow Arbat, Lenin street in real life. The part of the street is pedestrian, the main place for meeting, walking, shopping for locals. It's a right place to get an atmosphere of the city just sitting on a bench.

Datsans and Churches

  • Odigitrievsky Cathedral. Founded in 1741. The first stone building in the town. Located at the beginning of Lenin street (near river Uda).
  • Rimpoche bagsha, buddhist center Streletskaya st.,1. Not only a new nice lama temple, but scenic panoramic view of the whole city. Take bus 97 from Baikal Plaza hotel at Lenin's head square to the last stop.
  • Ivolginsky datsan Buddhist Monastery — 23 km from the city. Buses no 130 leave from bus stop at the Odigitrievsky Cathedral one after another for the forty minute journey to Ivolginsk village. Get off at the last stop and get on another bus (which is the only there) and you're at the Monastery in 10 minutes. Expect to pay 45 roubles for the whole drive.


  • Ethnographic Museum, Verhnaya Beriozovka. Old homesteads and Buryat wooden yurts have been relocated to the site, and along with reconstructed streets representing traditional Buryati homes, this outdoor exhibition consists of seven large complexes. Only bus 37 goes there. You can take it from Baikal Plaza hotel bus stop, tell a driver to stop at "MUZEI". Takes about 20-30 minutes drive.
  • History museum. Profsoyuznaya st., 29. The rachest musem of the city. 400 years of buryat history.
  • Fine arts museum. Kuibisheva st.,29. Buryat painting, buddhist tankas, horse hair tapistry
  • Nature museum. Lenina st., 46. Flore and fauna of Buryatia.
  • Geology museum. Lenina st., 59.
  • Museum of city's history. Lenina st., 26


  • Rimpoche bagsha, buddhist center, Streletskaya st.,1 (take a mini bus 95 till the final stop). There is a pretty nice view from the hill. You can see the whole city. free.
  • Puppet Theatre Ulger, Lenina street 46, +7 3012 213764. 9am -6pm from monday to friday. The name of the “Ulger” theatre is translated as “legend”. Puppet theatre “Ulger” was founded in 1967 and is the only theatre for young audiences in Buryatia. Among the theatre’s productions are many plays by Russian and foreign playwrights, but the theatre also puts an emphasis on plays by Buryat playwrights. The theatre tours both inside and outside Russia, participates in different festivals, and frequently is a laureate of different contests, winning prestigious professional awards. In 2006 the theatre won the Golden Mask National Theatre Award in the nominations “Puppetry/Best Production” and “Puppetry/Best Actor”. “Ulger” Theatre gradually steps over the boundaries of puppet theatre. In the last five years the dramatic performances Dogs, Zoya’s Apartment, The Space of a Spirit, To Go and not Return were staged at the theatre. The theatre tours extensively in Russia and abroad. In 2006 the production “Singing Arrow” received the Golden Mask Award in the nominations “Best Production” and “Best Actor”.


  • Buryatsky State University[2]



Try local buryat cuisine. Mainly it's dumplings - steamed "Pozi", fried "Sharbin" or "Khushuur". Soups - meat broth "Bukhlyor" and noodles "Shuleen".

Local cuisine

  • Appetite Lenin's head looks at it. Quite cheap, tray style, russian food, free wifi.
  • Modern nomads Ranjurova st., 1; mongolian cuisine
  • "Baatar orgoo" YURT GER cafe, Verhnaya Beryozovka, Dokuchaeva str.11. Only minibus 37 goes there. You can take it from Baikal Plaza hotel bus stop, tell a driver to stop at "KAFE YURTA". Takes about 20-30 minutes drive. Only traditional food and very nice atmosphere. 500-700 r/meal
  • "Buuza" cafe/bar, Communist str. 41a; on tram tracks, near hotel Siberia, 3 mins from Lenin's head
  • "Buuza" (again?) cafe, Yerbanova str. 20; 1 min from Lenin's head, left to Baikal Plaza hotel
  • "Tenghis" restaurant , Yerbanova str. 12; Inside Baikal Plaza hotel
  • "Buuza" (again?!) cafe, Communist str. 44; opposite Siberia hotel

Taken from []

Coffee houses

  • Marco Polo Kommunisticheskaya st., 46; coffee house, breakfast, salads
  • Safari Erbanova st., 20; coffee house
  • Shokolad Karl-Marks blvrd, 11; top recommended coffee house. It's located just opposite the new russian drama theater which is about 15 minutes on tram. Nice location, nice coffee


  • Marusia Lenina st., 46; russian cuisine
  • Ulger Restaurant & Cafe, Kirova str., 8, +7 2012 21-21-09. A restaurant with traditional Russian and Buryatian food. A nice terrace outside.. 7$ for full dinner;.
  • Zolotoy Drakon, Lenina St., 46, +7 2012 21-80-66. 11.00 to 22.00. Chinese restraunt 5-10$;.


Churchill pub. So far the best pub in the center of UU. Lenin looks at it, that simple ;)



  • Ulan Ude Travelers House, +7-950-391-6325, +7-902-455-2222, [email protected], [3], 600 RUB including breakfast. Free Wifi and guest computer. Address: Lenin str 63, app 18. The most central located hostel is just on the Soviet square with the famous giant Lenin's head monument. Clean and cozy. 10 minutes walk from train station, less than a minute to main sights of the city. Look for a 4 storey yellow building with a big sign 'S7 airlines' on the top, it should be between a building with 670000 sign on the top (post office) and a grey building with pillars (president residence). Right entrance, a black door right to S7 airlines office. Press 18 and B on terminal and wait for the door to open. Second floor, right door. Dennis speaks fluent english and can help you with everything you need, so can the staff. There is a lot of information on the walls in the hostel. They can arrange bus tickets to Mongolia or help you to get there other way if tickets are sold out.
  • Rooftop hostel, +7-950-391-6325, +7-902-455-2222, [email protected], [4], 600 RUB including breakfast. Address: Profsoyuznaya, 35, ap. 8a. It is the additional hostel by Ulan Ude Travellers House. They have a rooftop from where you can see the whole city which is a great view especially at night.
  • Hotel Odon, Gagarin str., 43 (a 5 minute walk from the railway station). Tel:+7 3012 443-480. Popular with Chinese businessman, rooms and hygiene standards reflect the low price. Single rooms from 400R, doubles from 600R. Cheaper rooms don't have a shower, and there aren't shared facilities on site. Consider getting a better room or hitting up the banya.
  • Homestay, 1100-1300 RUB including breakfast. Tel. +7 9025 648278, [email protected], [email protected]
  • Hostel House, 8(9025) 620-888, 8 (301) 262-08-88. [email protected], [5]. улица Смолина, д. 54, лит. А, Ulan-Ude, RU. Address: Smolina str 54a, 3rd/last floor. 600 RUB, more in summer. Food is nor provided, neither the laundry detergent, etc. About 10 minute walk to the city center (Lenin Head), close to cheap eateries. Part of the staff speaks decent English. As of 15/05/2013, you get a key to the apartment and the usual electronic key for the building's front main door. The Owner speaks enough English and can arrange for transport to Ulaanbaatar if you are doing the trans-Siberian.

Mid range

  • Hotel Geser, Ranjurova ul., 11. Tel.: +7 3012 211-178, 215-383. Fax: 216-151 E-mail: [email protected] [6] A cozy hotel with English speaking staff. Sgl room 2300 RUB (summer 2008)
  • Hotel Baikal Paza, Erbanova ul., 12. Tel.: +7 3012 210 770. Fax:463-828, e-mail: [email protected] Recently refurbished hotel on the central square. A single room w/o a/c is 2000 RUB; twin room with a/c is 3000 RUB. No elevator. 'burnet' wireless internet available (access cards cost 100 RUB). (Summer 2008)
  • Hotel Buryatia, Kommunisticheskaya ul., 47a. Tel:+7 3012 31-18-35. Fax: 21-15-05, E-mail: [email protected] About a 10-minute walk from the train station, this central hotel is located in a large and some-what run down complex. Rooms from 700R. However, if you talk to someone from Baikal Naran Tours (their office is conveniently located in the lobby), they may be able to book rooms for 500R.


Stay Safe

Stay healthy

  • Medical Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, 6 Sakhyanovoi Street. Tel:+7 3012 334-353, email: [email protected] — a good place to receive treatment for both acute and chronic ailments using traditional Tibetan herbal compounds.



  • Burnet Internet Cafe, Borsoeva, 16 (just opposite to the railway station, after the bridge over the railways). Tel:7 3012 212-886 — open twenty-four hours.
  • Hotel Geser (see 'sleep' section}
  • Central Post office internet cafe, right on the central Soviet square in front of Lenin's head
  • Train station, Ulan Ude train station, 1st floor, VIP hall.



  • Mg-flag.png Mongolia, Profsoyuznaya street, 6, +7 (3012) 21-52-75 (fax: +7 (3012) 21-41-88).

Get out

  • Lake Baikal — the deepest and oldest lake in the world and, by volume of water, also the planet's largest freshwater body of water. It contains 20% of the world's liquid fresh water and is just over one mile deep. A daily bus service runs from the train station, leaving about 7:30AM, returning about 3:00PM, cost 300RUB each way.
  • Ivolginsky Datsan Buddhist Monastery [7] — 23 km from the city. Buses no 130 leave from South Bus Station on a regular basis, one after another. It will bring you to Ivolginsk, there is another bus waiting, it just says ДАЦАН on it. It will bring you to the Monastery. Expect to pay around 50R each way. It takes 40-60 minutes one way
  • Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia Take TransMongolian from Ulan-Ude towards capital of Mongolia. 3 options - a train, an airplane and a bus. Trains are popular, it takes about 24+ hours (long border stops), kupe carriages are only available, so it makes more expensive; buses are cheaper (1300-1600 roubles) and it's about 10-12 hours (depends on traffic); airlines is EZNIS.
  • S7 Airlines [8], 63 Ploshad Sovetov.
  • Buryat-Avia Airline Ticket Agency, 20 Erbanova St. Tel:+7 3012 221-122, 221-133 Tickets sold for all major domestic and international airlines.
Routes through Ulan Ude
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