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Treviso (province)

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The province of Treviso is in the Veneto region of Italy.


  • Treviso - very charming medieval town surrounded by walls and a moat with some canals and great art and architecture
  • Asolo - beautiful and picturesque town surrounded by hills and thus called the The City of a Hundred Horizons
  • Conegliano - nice town with a small castle and a few palaces, close to the Prosecco wine region
  • Oderzo- a medieval town center rich with archeological ruins of the roman period
  • Vittorio Veneto - city comprised of two nice medieval towns Ceneda and Serravalle
  • Portobuffolè - small picturesque town part of the club The most beautiful villages in Italy

Other destinationsEdit

  • Valdobbiadene - famous wine region north of Treviso home to the Prosecco wine
  • Castelbrando - restored medieval castle, now a beautiful hotel
  • Tempio Canoviano - neoclassical church built by the famous architect/sculptor Antonio Canova
  • Follina Abbey - nice medieval abbey
  • Villa Emo - very nice venetian villa built by Palladio
  • Molinetto della Croda - picturesque watermill surrounded my nature
  • Quarto d'Altino - visit the national archeological museum about the ancient Roman town Altinum.



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