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hI i am 27,EVEn though i was born and raised in new jersey i have no accent (i sound like a midwestener) that is because i picked up my behaviors and accents from the television shows that i watched (becaz i watched tv most of my childhood) if someone saw me they wouldnt know i was from the northeast .South and Central new jersey is also more like the midwest than the north new jersey/nyc/conneticut .people are down to earth in central nj and everything is slow paced.there are some beauitful farms in central new jersey like holmdel and's like south new jersey and central new jersey are a million miles from nyc. i am NOT a yankee. Culturally i grew up watching tv 24/7 so i am mentally NOT a new jersyan and i am mentally NOT a yankee.I am a tv head.I grew up not in new jersey but in tv land. I want to be exactly like all of you people from the south(seriously) i want to choose my culture since i have none.I choose the southern culture.Seriously people born and raised in texas are more like new yorkers/northeasterns than me.