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Travel health

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Travel health

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Health is an issue that affects all travellers, and especially those to off-the-beaten path destinations.

General common-sense rules apply to all travel. Consult with your doctor beforehand if you have preexisting conditions, verify what insurance coverage you have when away from home, carry a sufficient supply of any medications, and bring copies of your prescriptions in case of loss. If crossing an international border, confirm in advance that your medications can be brought with you - what's legal in your home country may not be in another.

First Aid

Basic precautions are important to travel, and a minimal first aid kit should be carried by all travellers.

For more in-depth information see:

Environmental Hazards

Different locations on the Earth may offer unique hazards to travellers, including dangers due to sun and altitude.

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Malaria is an important concern in many areas of the world that requires special precautions. Other parts of the world include their own unique disease worries.

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Sometimes travel is necessary to have a medical condition treated by a specialist. Other times it is to see family and friends. Those travelling with a health condition may need to take special precautions when travelling. :