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Travel health

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Travel health

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    This article is a travel topic

Health is an issue that affects all travellers, and especially those to off-the-beaten path destinations.

First Aid

Basic precautions are important to travel, and a minimal first aid kit should be carried by all travellers.

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Environmental Hazards

Different locations on the Earth may offer unique hazards to travellers, including dangers due to sun and altitude.

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Malaria is an important concern in many areas of the world that requires special precautions. Other parts of the world include their own unique disease worries.

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Sometimes travel is necessary to have a medical condition treated by a specialist. Other times it is to see family and friends. Those travelling with a health condition may need to take special precautions when travelling. :

If you have high blood pressure and are planning a holiday or travelling some preparation before you travel could save you a lot of unnecessary problems.

Blood pressure affects 1 in 3 adults

The topic of blood pressure and travel is of interest to the 1 in 3 adult who have high blood pressure and are often under the misguided belief that flying, hot/cold climates and travel insurance are problematic. This information is intended to help those with high blood pressure understand how travel is not restricted and to offer helpful advice for those looking for information about travel/holidays and blood pressure but remember it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or practice nurse well before you travel

  • Medications

Always remember to take enough medicines to last the whole holiday. Carry some in your hand luggage, and keep a separate note of their names and strength in case your baggage goes missing.

Talk to your doctor or practice nurse well before you travel. If you are going to be away from home for more than a few weeks ask your doctor to give you a prescription for the length of your trip plus a little extra, in case of emergencies or if you lose any tablets. Your doctor can also tell you if there are any special precautions you should take and whether you need any extra medication or vaccinations

  • Blood pressure and air travel

Air travel does not affect blood pressure, but rushing and carrying heavy cases might. So leave plenty of time for your journey and make sure that your cases are not too heavy and that you don’t have to carry them too far.

  • Travel insurance for those who have high blood pressure

You must tell your insurance company the full details of any illness of a permanent or recurring nature and this includes high blood pressure. Some policies will cover you if you have high blood pressure but will not pay for continuing or routine treatment or if you travel against medical advice

  • Blood pressure monitors

Don't risk losing an expensive blood pressure monitor whilst travelling. Not only will you lose the machine but you could also lose valuable data. Consider buying a cheap monitor which although might not be completely accurate, will give you an indication of your measurements.