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Thane (district) : Thane
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Thane (also called Thana) is a city in Konkan, Maharashtra. It is the headquarters of Thane district. Its biggest claim to fame is that the first railway line laid in India was from Boribandar to Thane station.


Thane, is known as Elder sister of Mumbai (Bombay) as Thane district was divided and part of Thane district that is from Mulund to Sion was given to Mumbai for its future development. Also Mumbai is heavily depend on Thane for water supply from Lakes. Thane for all practical purposes is a suburb of Mumbai is past and has passed. Today Thane city area is 147 sq.kms with more than 1.2Million population.

It is worth mentioning for the 30 lakes located within and around the city, earning it the sobriquet of Lake City. Apart from being a source of water for Thane and its larger neighbour Mumbai, the lakes are also tourist attractions. Masunda Lake is the Biggestt lake in Thane City and is also the Most visited lake by all age groups. Many of the lakes have facitlies like boating, gardens for kids, jogging/walking tracks. Evening you can see them crowded with youngsters. The areas surrounding the city are beautiful. The scenic locales, old forts, boat rides and resorts make Thane a great getaway from Mumbai.

Thane stands as Developed city with Better facitlies for Residence than Mumbai. Even the Property developers and Buyers, have given preference to Thane over Mumbai.

Thane City received Clean City Award for the year 2000 by Housing Development Corporation Development. Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) had received the Best Integrated Multi-modal Transportation System Award for its project on Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme (Satis) in December, 2009. The award was given by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India for bringing an improvement in the urban mobility in Thane by executing the project. TMC had last year won two state-level awards for its contribution towards energy conservation and energy management from the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency. This was for the fifth consecutive year that the TMC had received the award.


Throughout recorded history the city has left its mark under various names. The earliest evidence of Thane appears in the works of the Greek geographer, Ptolemy, who, in his writings ( 135 - 150 AD) refers to a place called Chersonesus, which, according to researches, is the area around Thane creek. The city crops up again in the Middle Ages and slabs and copper plates dating back to the period have been discovered in Thane. One of them, dug up from the foundations of Thane Fort in 1787, dated 1078 AD, is apparently a land grant from Arikesara Devaraja, sovereign of the city of Tagara, wherein he address the inhabitants of a city called Sri Sthanaka. Friar Jordanus, a great traveler, who visited the city between AD 1321 and 1324, describes it as being under a Muslim governor. He leaves a detailed sketch of early Christians in Thane and refers to the martyrdom of four Christian priests in the region, more than 200 years before the Portuguese ever set foot in India. The celebrated Ibn Batuta and Abul Feda, contemporaries of Friar Jordanus, also came here. They refer to Thane as Kukin Tana and speak of its fame as a port from which ships sailed to the gulf carrying a kind of cloth called 'Tanasi' which was produced in Thane. Duarte Barbosa, a noted traveler, described Thane by the name Tana Mayambu 25 years before the Portuguese conquest. He paints a vivid picture of the town as one of Moorish mosques and temples, with many pleasant gardens. The Portuguese came to Thane about 1530 and ruled for over 200 years till 1739. Thane was then known as Cacabe de Tana. Work on the Thane Fort began in 1730. The Marathas, who conquered Bassein and Thane in 1737 and 1739, held sway over the region till 1784, when the British captured the Fort and ruled Thane, then also called Tana. They made it the headquarters of the district administration with a district collector stationed in Thane.

The Thane Municipal Council was formed in 1863 when the city had a population of 9000 souls.


Thane is witnessing a gradual transition from being a Manufacturing Industrial hub to an economy driven by Services sector. The State government in general and MIDC in particular are also acting as a catalyst to boost this transition. The Wagle Estate MIDC is gradually becoming a major IT & ITES, services industry hub. The Ashar IT Park marks a key milestone towards achieving it.

Most of the global IT & ITES companies have started shifting focus and relocating to Thane on account of its cost efficiencies and highly skilled low attrition manpower. The IT parks are built using state-of-the-art technology, packed with all the ingredients comparable to any international IT park.

Get in

By plane

The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport [1], Mumbai. Once you get off, you will need to take a taxi or hire a car. The distance to Thane is about 36 kilometers (22 miles), the drive can take between 45 to 75 minutes depending on the traffic.

By taxi

Mumbai's taxis are allowed into Thane. The prepaid taxi service available at the airport is the recommended hassle-free way of getting to Thane. The fare you pay at the counter includes the toll you need to pay when you leave Mumbai.

By train

The best way to get to Thane from Mumbai using public transport is to take the local train service.

Although Andheri is the nearest railway station from the airport a better option would be to take an auto-rikshaw to Kurla or Ghatkopar station(both these stations fall on the central suburban line) and then board any suburban Northbound Local Suburban train (all local suburban trains halt at Thane)to Thane. You've the option to board a fast or a slow train. But better option is to board Thane Local Train which ends at Thane station. Trains can be located by Abbrevations for example T - Thane so any train with T abbrevation on Digital Train time display will end at Thane.

The auto-rikshaw ride to Kurla or Ghatkopar stations would cost a little more, about Rs 60 to Rs 70, compared with Andheri which will be about Rs.40 to Rs.50 but you would end up saving about 1 hour to 1&1/2 hour. An added benefit is that you get to board a direct train to Thane thus avoiding the change over at Dadar.

Other option if you are coming from the airport is, take an auto-rickshaw to Andheri station which is served by the Western Railway and buy a ticket to Thane. You need to take a southbound train towards Churchgate, get off at Dadar (which is the interchange point) if possible avoid peak hour journey if you are new in Mumbai specially between 8 and 11 am or between 6 and 8 pm, get on the Central Railway Line and then take a northbound train to Thane. This method is recommended only if you are adventurous at heart and are not carrying any luggage.

Thane is also well served by long distance trains, many of which stop at Thane station en route Mumbai.

By car

Toll gate while entering Thane via Eastern express highway.

Two main roads enter the city from Mumbai. The older one is the Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg (commonly abbreviated as LBS Marg) and Eastern Express highway. Both of them are toll roads - the toll gate (called naaka) for the former is called Teen Hath Naka while that for the latter is called Check Naka. The toll at both the naakas is 30 rupees one way which is somewhat unfair because there is a huge difference in the condition of the two roads.

LBS marg is invariably congested, encroached upon and potholed. It goes through the heart of Mumbai's Mumbai/Central Suburbs. The Eastern Express highway is wide, well-maintained and smooth. It goes through an uninhabited area where development is prohibited. Use this road to get in, even though the distance will be slightly more. The roads intersect at Marathon chowk ("Marathon square", because that's where the Thane Mayor's Marathon starts from.). LBS marg then goes right through the city, while the Eastern Express highway skirts it and turns into NH - 3 highway to Nashik and Agra.

By bus

There are very few BEST buses that go right up to Marathon Chowk (It is known as "Teen Haath naka")- 399 and 496 Ltd. Once you get off, catch a TMT bus or auto-rickshaw.From this spot Thane railway station is hardly 10-12 min walk if you go by following Gokhale Road , & auto should not cost more than 10-15 Rupees.

BEST bus kinglong number 700 for Borivali, from Thane railway station east, frequency every 15 minutes. early bus 6.00 AM last bus 11.30 PM

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) also called ST bus service from Thane railway station west frequency every 15 minutes.

BRTS Buses originate from Cadbury Junction for Backbay and Nehru Planetarium

Most private buses from various parts of the country will stop in Thane. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) buses will ply from various parts of Maharashtra to Thane.

Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) commuters helpline number 1800-22-9901 to get the information about TMT buses

By auto-rickshaw

Note that auto-rickshaws from Mumbai cannot enter Thane city limits. You will have to change over to another one at the toll-gate.

Get around

The area around Masunda Lake, called Talao pali ("talao" meaning lake) is the heart of the city. Most of the important landmarks are located here.

By car

Ram Maruti Road, Gokhale Road and LBS Marg are the important roads to criss-cross this area. The other important road is Ghodbunder Road which connects the eastern and western halves of the city and joins the Eastern Express Highway.

By bus

Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) runs a bus service through the city.

By auto-rickshaw

The most common way to get around in Thane is to hire an auto rickshaw. Payment is by meter. The amount to pay, however, is not the amount shown by the meter, but scaled up by a factor which changes whenever there is a rate adjustment. Check the tariff card for the right fare. Ensure Tariff card is stamped & signed by RTO.It is better still to know the approximate km to destination and negotiate the charge lumpsum before hand since the meters are invariably tampered with. e.g Thane to Sion is 15-18 kms and fair charge would be Rs. 130-140 (latest rate) but the meter will show Rs.180-190. Thus fixing 140-150 before sitting saves you a lot of headache.

By taxi

If you are on a day trip from Mumbai, one of the options is to catch a taxi in Mumbai and use it to go around Thane city. You cannot flag down taxis in the city as you won't find any, but you can certainly hire one.


  • Masunda lake at the heart of the city
  • St. John the Baptist Church - over a hundred years old, right next to Masunda Lake.
  • Upvan lake, near Yeoor hills.
  • Thane creek, along Ghodbunder road.
  • Gadkari Rangayatan, along talao pali.
  • Kopineshwar Mandir, along talao pali - one of the oldest temple in Thane. Was reconstructed by Chimajji Appa around 1750 A.D.


  • Tikuji ni wadi, Tikuji-ni-wadi Road, near Hill garden complex, Manpada, Chitalsar, Thane. (Get to Ghodbunder Road towards Ghodbunder, turn left at Manpada village), +91 22 2494 1100 / +91 22 2494 1101 / +91 22 2494 1102, (fax: +91 22 2495 0544) [2]. A popular destination for picnicking families, known for its watersports, go-karting and other rides you'd find at amusement parks. The go-karting track isn't very good though. The lunch is fabulous, though fully vegetarian. Open 7 days a week, 11AM-7PM. (Water park open 10AM-6PM Rs. 250 for entry and most rides, including in the water park (Rs. 275 on weekends. ). You will also need to buy lunch for Rs. 180 as you can't carry any edible stuff in from outside.
  • Suraj water park, on Ghodbunder Road, further down towards Ghodbunder. As the name suggests, this is another place for watersports.

Yeoor hills

Yeoor Hills, also known as Mama Bhanja Hills, is a group of picturesque hills in Thane. It is an unspoiled and pollution free area, carpeted by natural foliage and fauna.

Yeoor Hills is home to about 78 known species of birds and about 12 different species of animals. Besides, it has the highest density of leopards in India. A trek through Yeoor Hills at the Thane end of Sanjay Gandhi National Park will be an enchanting experience.

The prime attraction here is the 150-year-old holy shrine of Mama Bhanja.

Tikuji-Ni-Wadi, a complete family theme park, is nearby.

  • Boating at Masunda lake. Paddle boats are available.
  • Hakone, Hiranandani Meadows, Off Ghodbunder road. [3] Entertainment and game park for kids. Has a video games arcade and Bowling Lanes. 3PM-10PM. Rs. 10-20 (per ride, most rides)


The old shopping areas are the ever busy Ram Maruti Road and the Naupada road towards Thane Station. There you will find shops on the roadside. New malls are coming up on Ghodbunder Road and the Eastern Express highway. Prominent among them are:

  • Eternity mall - Teen Hath Naka, Eastern Express highway
  • Lake city mall - Kapurbawadi, Ghodbunder Road
  • Wonder mall - Manpada, Ghodbunder Road.
  • Korum mall- Cadbury junction, Eastern Express highway
  • R-Mall 2- Ghodbunder Road (More, Central, Croma)
  • Big Mall- Ghodbunder Road (Hyper City)
  • High Street Mall- Kapurbawadi (Cinema Star -5 Screen Multiplex,Brand Factory,Reebok,Rajdhani,Bata,Buckaroo,Catwalk etc.)

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